Next Anglo Speed?

  • playingwithfire

    More interested in knowing if TG plan on running multiple speed servers on a single domain.

    I wasnt able to start on the first Anglo speed, but I have time now. Do I really have to wait for the current one to finish and then another month for it to restart?

    No thanks.

    We had 4 speed servers prior to the merge, now we only have 2 (Anglo and COM) and COM is on the large map, that no one wants to play anymore.

    So if people miss the start date, they have to wait ~140 days for the next one to start? Have to be a joke.

  • Lemon , I will poke them both and make sure that question gets on their list of questions to ask. And with the high population, it would make sense to me to have two running at once. Some of us are speed addicts.

  • Hello Lemon

    Thank you for your question. There may be more players wondering about the same.

    Anglosphere speed-server started November 12th, 2018.

    There will only be 1 speed-server running at the time, and the date for the next start will unfortunately be impossible to give at the moment.

    I wish I had more news for you, but we will make announcements as soon as we have any information to give.

    We have forwarded your request to the SCM.

    Kind regards,


  • Sommerfuglen So missing a start means that we have to wait another ~140 days to play?

    Not to mention that we no longer will be able to play multiple servers at the time?

    April fools came late this year.

  • Since more 3x servers merged in one, how about adding a 2x speed server to the mix?

    I mean, aux/usx/ukx are now asx, so there is definitely something missing. Don't know what others think about 2x, but I find it pretty good and I really don't kike 3x format. :D

  • It was just a suggestion, I ain't threatening nobody...... yet. :evil:

  • I am sorry, but we can't do more than forward your wishes, and I can assure you that I have done that.

    And then hope for the best.

    I already raised the question before the merge happened, so I doubt that we will get an answer.