Efficient starting guide (COM)

  • 1. Introduction

    Let’s jump right into it. This guide will help you to get your settlers running as fast as possible, with absolutely minimum effort put into the account and its development. Follow this guide step by step and you will be able to send out your settlers on day 7, or day 8 tops. This should be perfectly fine time considering the majority of players are able to send out their settlers on day 9 or later. Obviously there are accounts that will be able to settle even faster than you with this guide but that requires either a ton of gold, boost accounts aka techs or just having more luck in raiding.

    Note that this guide is for 1x normal servers. For 2x and 3x guide you need to scroll down ;)

    1.1 A few things to remember:

    - Gold isn’t mandatory but if it’s any possible to invest even £10 or £20 into gold then you will be able to develop your account (read: 1st and 2nd village) so much faster.

    - After each hero level: put 1 point in fighting strength, 3 points in resource production. Make sure to never get your hero killed because you end up losing resources and therefore time.

    - DO NOT overflow resources: set up an alarm or use the master builder gold function if the storage is about to overflow at night. Keep an eye on the tasks when you collect the rewards.

    - ACTIVATE 25% resource bonuses for all the resources. You will be able to send off the settlers before you run out of the bonuses.

    - DO NOT extend your beginner’s protection. You will have crannies to protect your resources and once you are done with the protection you can start trading for profit: either profit for you or profit for your team mates.

    2. Activating the account and the Order of the Tasks

    DO THE TUTORIAL. Your hero will gain an additional 20 XP and you will also get more ointments. When you get to the point where you have to send your hero out for an adventure, send him to the furthest one. You will save time. Also remember to change your hero’s production to being equal between all four resources: you will gain more resources.

    Now that we have completed our one-minute-long tutorial it’s time to do the next step.

    Order of the tasks:

    - Iron mine level 1

    - Main building level 3

    - One of each resources to level 1 (Lumber, clay, iron, crop)

    - Cranny level 1

    - Granary level 1

    - Embassy level 1

    - Main building level 5

    - Residence level 1

    - Crop land level 1 , Iron mine level 2 , Clay pit level 2

    - Market place level 1

    - Crop land level 2

    - All resource tiles level 1

    - Warehouse level 3

    - Granary level 3

    - 2x Crop land level 2

    - Warehouse level 7

    - 2x Crop land level 2 (all crop lands level 2 now)

    - Barracks level 1-3

    - Wall level 1

    - Academy level 1

    - Smithy level 1

    - Crop land level 3

    - All resources to level 2

    Congratulations, now you have completed most of the tasks without any additional waiting to get enough resources! You are now left with tons of resources to work on your village with. In the next part I’m going through a few different scenarios depending on the most common choices.

    3. Building up the village

    Now this is the point where things are starting to get mixed up depending on your own personal preferences. Whether you buy gold or not ; whether you want to go with a raiding start or only be dependent on your own production ; whether to choose a 15 cropper or 9 cropper village.

    In order to found a new village one must have enough Culture Points (CP). You may check how much CP you still need by going to your Residence > Culture points. In all of the scenarios below the goal during the first three days remains the same: maximize both your resource production and the CP production. Kirilloid comes in handy when figuring out what to build next. It's handy for many other things too but I'm not going to go through those in this guide.

    3.1 You buy gold and you only want to be dependent on your own production

    Alright, now that we have level 2 resource tiles and gold available the plan is to get resource tiles up and then focus on getting the CP production up. The building order is:

    - Crop land level 5

    - Grain mill level 1

    - 5x crop land level 3

    - 4x wood cutter level 3

    - 4x clay pit level 3

    - 4x iron mine level 3

    - 5x crop land level 4

    - 5x crop land level 5

    Now that we have our production in a good shape, let’s start developing our CP production.

    - Cranny level 10

    - 8x cranny level 3. Crannies give the most CP per used resource. Cheap CP is what we are looking for in the beginning of the server.

    - Main building level 6-10. (It gives +7 CP for 5690 resources – that’s a good ratio.)

    - Market place level 2-8. (It gives +9 CP for 7195 resources – still a good ratio.)

    - Academy level 2-5. (It gives +5 CP for 3915 resources.)

    Now we are all set to go for the settlers! The next step is to go for a level 10 residence and train 3 settlers. Gathering almost 120 000 resources takes a lot of time but don’t worry – you will be there among the firsts to settle! Try trading resources for profit to speed up your settling time.

    3.2 You don’t buy gold and you want to be dependent on your own production

    This scenario is almost similar to the one above – only with some slight changes. Now that we don’t have gold available, we don’t have the option to do NPC-trading. That means we don’t want to concentrate on crop lands as much as the gold users would, but instead focus on other resources. The building order is:

    - Crop land level 5

    - Grain mill level 1

    - 5x crop land level 3

    - 4x wood cutter level 3

    - 4x clay pit level 3

    - 4x iron mine level 3

    - 4x wood cutter level 4

    - 4x clay pit level 4

    - 4x iron mine level 4

    - 4x wood cutter level 5

    - 4x clay pit level 5

    Now that our resource production is fine we should start focusing on the CP production.

    - Cranny level 10

    - 8x cranny level 3

    - Main building level 6-10

    - Market place level 2-8

    - Academy level 2-5

    - Residence level 10

    - Train 3 settlers

    The choice to not buy gold leaves you with a slight disadvantage: Gold users make more resources due their higher level crop lands that also are cheaper than wood/clay/iron tiles. More resources = faster second village. And that’s why I suggest to invest £10 into gold – to have +25% resource bonuses running and also to have the option to NPC trade when it’s really needed.

    3.3 You want to do a raiding start (Gold/No gold)

    This strategy is quite similar to the two scenarios above. The goal in the first three days is to maximize resource production along with CP production – with slight changes obviously.

    I highly suggest to ONLY choose TEUTONS for the raiding strategy – Gauls and Romans should in my opinion always go the simming route due their expensive troops. Expensive troops simply take too much time to pay themselves back. You also need to be quite active if you choose the raiding strategy over simming strategy.

    - Upgrade the resource production. Choose setup option 3.1 if you use gold and 3.2 if you don’t use gold.

    Now that you have resource production in a good shape you should do the following:

    - Main building level 6-10

    - Academy level 2-5

    - For the rest of the Beginner’s protection you build clubbs. This should leave you with 100-150 clubbs to raid with once the protection is over.

    Notice how I left all the crannies out along with market place levels. Those resources will be used to train some extra clubbs instead. Once you have started raiding your neighbors you want prepare to train your settlers.

    - Residence level 10

    - Train 3 settlers

    - If you don’t have enough CP by now, you might want to start upgrading your academy up to level 10 and build a Town hall. If you are raiding well you will be able to throw a small party to get the remaining CP in order to found your second village. This requires a total of 40 000 extra resources so you better calculate whether you can raid enough resources or if you should build something else with those raided resources, for example upgrade your market place or resource tiles.

    You may see people start raiding oasis on day 1. Often this is a mistake. They are left with a small production and even smaller CP production. This is why you will outrun them in settling a second village race if you follow this strategy.

    3.4 Whether to choose a 15 cropper or a 9 cropper?

    A 15 cropper village

    A 9 cropper village

    Alright, now you have your 3 settlers ready and you are trying to decide whether you should settle a 9 cropper or a 15 cropper. This you can decide easily by considering how much money you are willing to invest into this game. A 15 cropper requires at least a 1000 gold to upgrade into a decent level in a decent span of time. With a 1000 gold you are looking to have level 16 crop fields by day 60 of the server, while running +25% resource bonuses and buying the gold club.

    That being said – If your budget is little to no gold then you should go for a 9 cropper capital. If you can afford buying more gold then 15 cropper is your best choice. Simply because a 15 croppers produces the most resources due all the oasis bonuses and building bonuses.

    2x and 3x server settling guide

    Basically you only want to take the simming route since you will be able to settle before the beginner's protection is over.

    Also what you need to understand that you don't have to grind for a better CP production. What this means is that you build up your resource production and then go straight for the residence level 10 and train 3 settlers.

    Follow the order of the tasks until you have done level 2 resource tiles. This is where you figure out how much money you are willing to put into the game:

    - 3.1. "4x Wood cutter level 3 ; 4x Clay pit level 3 ; 4x Iron mine level 3 ; 6x crop land level 5" --> Residence level 10 --> Train 3 settlers

    - 3.2. "4x Wood cutter level 5 ; 4x Clay pit level 5 ; 4x Iron mine level 4 ; 5x Crop land level 3, 1x Crop land level 5" --> Residence level 10 --> Train 3 settlers

    Thank you for taking the time to read this! Let me know if you tried this and how it went for you. Also feel free to give some feedback and if you think I should add something then please let me know :)

  • Latest post reminded me to make some additions to this guide.

    I was the fastest 150% 9c founder on just started Com1 server (end of day 6, no gold)
    followed your guide perfectly with 3.2 until residence lvl 9/10, that's where I figured out I'm lacking CP points.

    Instead you should make crannies level 8/9, which I had when I had enough CP points to settle.

    Also upgrade MB/MP/Academy (in that order, no embassy because you demolish that slot for stable to produce troops. in my case Druids/TT's because I was already heavily attacked and I followed home with 9 TT's from adventure) to equivalent amount of cp/res (use http://travserv.ru/?lang=1&page=culture)

    In the end I had croplands lvl 4 required for building, so may want to add that in your guide.

    Had to quit because of issues I can't talk about here (talk to TEN if you want to know why)

    Should be possible to get in beginning on day 6, as I had a lot of res rewards from adventures.

    If you have more questions reply here.

  • Hi, had a few questions about this guide

    1) What level do you take the granary up to? Given the focus on crop production I imagine it needs to be quite high?

    2) Since crop fields are higher than the other resource fields, are you using NPC trading to exchange crop for the other resources? If not why is all the crop necessary?

  • 1) What level do you take the granary up to? Given the focus on crop production I imagine it needs to be quite high?

    2) Since crop fields are higher than the other resource fields, are you using NPC trading to exchange crop for the other resources? If not why is all the crop necessary?

    hey. Since a question has gone unanswered for long enough, I'd answer your question if any new players reading the guide are wandering.

    How high the granary goes, depends on the tribe.

    Gauls = lvl 5

    Romans = lvl 6

    Teutons = lvl 7

    Also, npc is a key while settling. Of course for non-gold user path, might not be easy. Trading is not easy during early days. But maybe you could go with a friend who'd trade your resources for you. Don't risk a ban either. Settling in your first server is not the key importance, if you're new to game, try find friends and maybe you could dual with a player who can buy gold.

    While this guide has flaws and a lot of improvement is possible - it's still a very good starting point.

    Instead you should make crannies level 8/9, which I had when I had enough CP points to settle.

    I assume you mean cranny from 3 to 9, which costs 1.1k res per cps. Cranny 7 is not bad with 800 res per cps - but still there's a lot other buildings that fall cheaper. Mainbuilding 10 (even 11), market up to 7, Embassy up to 3.

    no embassy because you demolish that slot for stable to produce troops.

    also! you do not ever demolish a building that is giving you 5cps per day already, to spend 3900 resources to upgrade smithy and build stable that overall make 3 cps per day (basically you used 3.9k resources to lower your cp production by 2...)

    A cranny lvl 3, makes 2 CPs and that's a better option for demolition that is "if you have to for any reasons"

  • About the decision to not skip the tutorial: I wonder if a case can not be made that skipping is actually better. You actually save 1560 resources by skipping the tutorial, because you have to pay resources to get the lvl 2 cropfield, lvl 2 woodcutter and lvl 1 rally point. When you skip the tutorial you are being gifted these same buildings/fields without paying for them. only downside would be that you don't get the 20 xp for your hero or the additional 10 ointments, of which in my opinion the ointments are neglectable. I guess the additional 20 xp could get you to the next hero level quicker, which would mean that you'll get the additional resource production (4*9 ,or 4*12 for egys hero, resources per hour) from your hero a little bit earlier. But an early game 1560 resource headstart seems massive to me. Thoughts on my analysis would be appreciated :)

  • lets say you save the 1560 resources and you use them on like 2 lvl 3 crop fields, since you would probs already have lvl 2 fields without them, you get a +8/h increase for each so +16/h for 1390 resources

    now lets say you take tutorial and get a lvl on hero faster, just to go by the first lvl lets say your lvl 1 in 12 hours earlier then otherwise depending on luck it might be more or less

    Im going to assume +25% prod here

    12 hours hero production = 4*4*9*12*1.25 = 2160 ress

    if you didnt do tutorial and used ress on crop at the start lets say you get = 16*24*1.25 = 480 ress (calced with 24 hours before the tutorial guy can build crop fields lvl 3 aswell by using hero ress)

    So you lose 1560+480 ress by doing the tutorial and after about 1 day you get the 2160 ress before it equals out for a few days until hero lvl 2

    Assuming you would go for 2 crop fields lvl 3 aswell with hero ress you would be up by 2160-(1560+480) = 120 ress but you would lose the 2 culture points that you would get from doing crop lvl 3 fields first 24 hours

    if you use the ress on crop fields in either scenario then i would say go for the tutorial but if you go for cranny/other cp prod you would be better off not doing the tutorial since you would be behind alot in cp after first day already so really depends on what you wanna do, settle first or get better production/get better hero

    Personally when i settled in 5.5 days on last com6 i didnt do toturial and got far ahead in cp from the start because i had ress for crannys on first day so i am always gonna skip unless they change something

    let me know what you think

  • my preference would obviously go out to settling faster. so I guess i'dd look into investing those resources into some good CP buildings.


    Personally when i settled in 5.5 days on last com6 i didnt do toturial and got far ahead in cp from the start because i had ress for crannys on first day so i am always gonna skip unless they change something@stonie

    did you play with or without the use of gold?
    and in what ways did you deviate from Sim_to_win's guide?
    and do you think there is any way you could have cut back on the settling time even more?

  • I played with gold, won second gladiator auction on that server so used quite a bit early, however i didnt buy cages to clean oasis

    I did

    - Cranny level 10

    - 9x cranny level 3

    on the first day and i think thats some of the most important aswell as all fields to 3 since they give more cp then aswell

    After that i did almost no cp, focused alot on ress to not fall behind and got a small number of troops ready to raid around me.
    Sadly i quickly found out that cages cost like 10k for 5 in the start and didnt wanna pay that so didnt raid as much as i wanted to.
    Anyways after that it dosnt matter as much, just make sure your ress and cp lines up so you dont end up with much more ress or cp then you need and always think ROI and if it pays off before you plan to settle or after
    I did do a party but i didnt have to, could have waited 8 hours but was afraid someone might settle before me

    Your gonna have to be extremly lucky to settle before 5 days is up since you wont be able to raid others before that cause of BP or use like 500 dollars on cages to raid oasis early (not worth imo)