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There was nothing particularly unusual about this order – to decorate armor and a weapon with an emblem... ⚔️ #ShadowEmpires

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  • With oases not respawning troops during the initial beginner's protection period and the heroes regaining all health when leveling, raid starts will be much more common for all tribes. And those who do it well will settle ahead of those who sim. I say that even though I generally sim well enough to claim a 125% or 150% 15C cropper. I would suggest building enough troops early to carry 4K resources and hero bomb a few oases while keeping your troops busy raiding the oases others have cleared the rest of the time. Don't risk your troops and don't build too many until after you settle your second village. Teamwork is definitely worthwhile here, too.

    Well, did not work for me.

  • I have some question, I play in tournament game world (2X), it is necessary to build a cranny for produce the CP?

    Now I follow the order task until all fields are 2, then I'm making the resource field to 3 and crop all 5


  • I have some question, I play in tournament game world (2X), it is necessary to build a cranny for produce the CP?

    Depends on if CPs are also halved. Just calculat how many resources you need and CP and you have the answer.

  • Crannies are the most efficient CP producers in terms of resource cost. And they have the added benefit of protecting your resources once BP runs out. So, for the average player, that means you can settle faster building the crannies. If you have so many resources that CP is your limiting factor (i.e. heavy raiding, tech accounts) it can make sense to build for parties instead.

  • Thanks for the tips Sim_To_Win !

    I agree with the raiding part and you must choose Teutons BUT I consider that as a general rule.

    Exception would be if you already have established allies who will "funnel" your village, you can choose Romans or Gauls and building it up as an attacker account.

    Can't wait for other articles in the future! Keep it up!

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