T4.4 (petchofix)

  • TRAIVBXXIV-6639 - Completely extended design added to the old buildings view.

    TRAIVBXXIV-6612 - Brewery can be upgraded to level 20 (servers starting on 01.01.2019 and later)

    TRAIVBXXIV-6613 - The new alliance bonuses added to Annual Special will now be added to Vanilla servers starting next year.

    TRAIVBXXIV-6635 - New statistics are enabled for vanilla servers (starting on 01.01.2019). Not enabled on already running servers

    TRAIVBXXIV-6626 - Trade Office and Tournament Square balancing are now present on Vanilla servers as well.

    TRAIVBXXIV-6605 - Winter feature enabled. Starts in December on regular Travian Legends gameworlds only.

    TRAIVBXXIV-6549 - Balancing changes are going to be implemented on game worlds that will start after 01.01.2019. Changes in some Units, Hero items (weapons, shields, breast-plates, segmented armours, CP-Helmet, resource production).

    TRAIVBXXIV-6592 - Artifacts support wall during battle now to increases the stability of walls not only after a battle (during ram damage application), but already during the actual battle.

    TRAIVBXXIV-6398 - Regions map colors have been updated to better define the areas of the map

    TRAIVBXXIV-5521 - snow animation is disabled by default in IE and Edge browser, but can still be manually enabled in the game settings. this increases overall performance for both browsers

    TRAIVBXXIV-6536 - The stone mason now increases the stability of walls not only after a battle (during ram damage application), but already during the actual battle.

    TRAIVBXXIV-6477 - Alliance invitation process has been improved to be clearer for players

    TRAIVBXXIV-6444 - A village with no rally point can become new hero home village

    TRAIVBXXIV-6528 - The coordinates fields, when opening the world map, will now display the current village coordinates. Also with drag and dropping, keys and clicking. Click "Center map" will also show the correct coordinates.

    TRAIVBXXIV-6570 - The panel "Earn Gold" cannot be accessed as sitter

    TRAIVBXXIV-6442 - Artefact villages on multilingual servers are now localised to the language selected on options.

    TRAIVBXXIV-6610 - Hero revival text, icons and time now stay on the same line

    TRAIVBXXIV-6619 - Hero no longer appears on the side of nature in reports after an oasis is annexed

    TRAIVBXXIV-6636 - The correct links are now implemented for Bosnian and Serbian.

    TRAIVBXXIV-6583 - Marked players and alliances are now clickable in the map outline.

    TRAIVBXXIV-6552 - - Alliance Bonus: Overview: Contributors of the Week seem to not work properly before daily reset

    TRAIVBXXIV-6142 - The troop evasion message is only displayed for defender when his capital has been attacked

    TRAIVBXXIV-5890 - The bug, when no surrounding reports were displayed for villages close to boundary coordinates, was fixed

    TRAIVBXXIV-6587 - Flagged tiles can be clicked now. Deleting the flagged tiles removes them from the map. Editing a flagged tile now closes when requested.

    TRAIVBXXIV-6558 - The rest value is negative when there is not enough resources

    TRAIVBXXIV-6553 - "Add to farm list" now shows the first farm list and no troops. Edit a village in a farm list also adds the option to add the same village to a second farm list.

    TRAIVBXXIV-6554 - Tribe specific buildings in Natar villages are now deleting after they become Natars.

    TRAIVBXXIV-6560 - Players are not able to insert name when WW is level 0 after this bugfix.