UI Glitch on double click show/hide colour indicators (dorf2 / buildings)

  • Not a very important bug, more of a funny UI issue.

    If someone were to quickly double press on the "Show / Hide colour indicators" (left upper corner) on the dorf2.php page the colour indicators themselves slowly misalign. Every time you do this again before the animation finishes they will get more out of alignment



    After double pressing two times on the show/hide button:


    Tested this on Firefox on Windows and Safari on OS X and they both have this issue.

    (Server: TS5 NL, but most likely universal)

  • I've sent this to the in game support and they've forwarded it to the Tech support department, most likely going to see this bug fixed soon? :)

  • That depends on the amount of pesticide they've got on stock. There's many, many bugs left...

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