Troop Levels

  • What are the attributes of troop levels when you upgrade a troop to a higher level? How does raising the troop level make the troop better? I have looked all over and can find nothing on why the troop is better at a higher level. I am playing as a Gaul.


    Select unit above and look below to see exactly how each upgrade in the Smithy makes it stronger.

    For example, I've selected Phalanx above and below it now displays me how much defensive or offensive capability the unit has at each upgraded level in the Smithy.


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  • Smithy


    Prerequisites: Main Building level 3, Academy level 1

    The weapons and armour of your warriors are enhanced in the smithy's melting furnaces. By increasing its level, you can order the fabrication of even better weapons and armour.

    An upgrade done to a unit counts for all units of that type in the village the upgrade is done. This means an upgrade done in village A does not count for troops coming from village B.

    The bonus added by upgrading a unit is estimated to be 1.5% (factor 1.015). This means a unit's defence or attack worth is base_worth*1.015^smithy_level. The example calculations below are based on this estimate.

    The more precise calculation is as follows: improved_value = BASE_VALUE + (BASE_VALUE + 300 · UPKEEP / 7) · (1.007^LEVEL – 1)

    Example for Defence-Upgrade

    The Gallic Phalanx for example has 40 defence versus infantry and 50 defence versus cavalry by default. By upgrading the Phalanx's in the Smithy you get these results:

    Infantry defense 0 50
    40.6 (40*1.015^1) 2 51.5 (50*1.015^2)
    ? (40*1.015^x) Example for Attack-Upgrade
    The Roman Imperian for example has a default attack worth of 70. By upgrading the Imperian's in the Smithy you get these results:
    Attack worth
    71.1 (70*1.015^1)
    72.1 (70*1.015^2)
    ? (70*1.015^x)

    The level dependent attributes (such as construction costs and generated culture points) can be found here.

    For the full table of construction times click this link for server with 1x speed and this link for server with 3x speed.

    This is from FAQ, you can find it in game under "?". Worth reading at times.