[Finals] New Year Truce

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  • Then why did the Finals have to start so New Year falls right before artifact spawn?

    I know Christmas isn't a thing, because it's not really celebrated by everyone due to religion, but New Year was always a thing on .com domain, but you took it away.

    Is it that hard to give people maybe 2-3 days to spend time with their family or friends without having to worry about the game? I mean, I guess whoever decided this doesn't really give a [Removed], since he probably won't have anything to worry about anyway, but hey... screw the rest.

    Might wanna rethink how y'all plan this crap out in the future, since this is simply stupid.

    Or someone at the office might be so kind to watch over my account the whole night, because I'll be somewhere without signal or internet connection for 24h+...

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  • That's not the case.

    It is an option, I give you that, but it's like telling everyone for every holiday. "Just use vacation mode."

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  • News Years Truce is the dumbest thing i have ever heard, you know this is a game of war, if you can not be online at those times get a sitter, otherwise fighting should continue on! And for 3 DAYS!!!!! So pissed about this in many ways, straight up a bunch of BS!

  • You must be the special snowflake.. Based on that you've deduced that I'm a simmer?

    Alright, I suppose... ^ ^

  • You're clearly having a meltdown here, judging by your posts. ^ ^

  • IS not tolerated.

    Nah you swear so much that it became plural.

    But back to the topic...Not everyone wants to sit in their parents basement and play Travian on New Years Eve.