How to annex oasis

  • Hi All,

    Back again. I have been trying to "Annex" my first oasis but it seems I am doing something wrong as all I get are whatever animals have been spawned in the time it takes my hero to get home and then back to the oasis again.

    So.... anyway, How do you annex an oasis?

  • Hiiii!

    Great question! I wasn’t sure how to do it myself when I started playing years ago :)

    But you need a lvl 10 Hero Mansion in the village you are trying to Annex an oasis to....(And lvl 15 and 20, to annex 2 and 3 oases)

    You can only annex oases that are in your 7x7 (Check your Hero Mansion, it will tell you all oases available to the village)

    And then you need to clear the oases and have your hero survive, animal spawns are random, so just keep trying till you get it, if you fulfill the 2 requirements above ^^ But it deffo sounds weird that they are respawning as quickly as you describe it...

    But be careful, some animals are stronger than others... But here’s a list of all the animals stats.

    Travian:Answers - Animal Stats

    Ignore their attacking stats, as you cannot use them to attack, nor can they attack you themselves :)

  • Also of note is that if you have cages equipped to the hero, the cages will activate before an oasis battle cancelling it and preventing the hero from taking it.

  • Thank you both very much for your very helpful responses. Just after I put this question on the forum I figured out how to annex the oasis, and as Yowie said, I took the cages from my Hero, and viola, I had my oases! I don't know why the animals spawned so quickly but after taking the cages away, there was no more problem with annexing.

    Thank you again for your Great responses to my question! Both your answers were Spot On!!

  • If the oasis is not showing in your hero's mansion, it is not able to be conquered from that village.

    Do you already have an oasis from that village? If you do, you will need to make sure the hero's mansion is high enough to annex a second/third one.