Truce countdowns

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  • I think it will be a good idea to have a countdown for truce like how we have for artifacts. This timezone issue can be a real problem and with the new merged servers it only going to get worse. A countdown would be a lot easier on players who aren't playing on server time.


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  • it starts at 1pm for me sadly :( hard to calculate that, so eric's suggestion actually sounds pretty good from my perspective

  • Dude...

    It starts at noon, what's not to get?

    Its annoying to calculate is what I'm getting at. A countdown is fair to every player playing in the server.

    And sure you can retort and say "Well, how about we change everything just because it's 'annoying'?"

    And Im not going to reply to that. I've had my fair share of trolling this past month and Im tired to indulge it again now.

    People seem to like my idea. And thats all that matters.

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  • I haven’t calculated anything, change the clock to your time zone and the notification updates

    Funny story about this ..

    So the top left time will never change. If you change the timezone in the settings only the times on the reports would change.

    And yeah ... Its stupid

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  • I did bring this post up to the CM to look at. I am not sure how hard it would be to implement but it has been put in front of the higher ups.

    And yes, I think it would be useful too. But than I can be lazy too at times.

  • Just use server time like a real man. Then you will always know when what happens.

    And btw for your native clock, I suggest looking at the Windows taskbar clock, then coordinate the seconds with ingame timer... shouldn't be that hard for a veteran like you. ;)

    It's even better for coordinating with others, you know... becomes a crapstorm when you make defcalls or whatnot and you got people arriving at different hours.

    I'm quite daft but never missed anything this way.

    ^ ^

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  • The info box changes for your option time anyways so i don't see any reason for a countdown.

  • The info box changes for your option time anyways so i don't see any reason for a countdown.

    It doesnt seem to change for me. I dont know if Anglosphere and the other servers behave in a different way but I used to remember years back when you used to be able to change the timezone and the top left clock would change as well ..

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  • I used to remember years back

    Would you believe me if I said, that this still works and it's just your imagination?

    Let me tell you a little secret....


    If you choose the desired time zone and check the box below it will actually work! I just tested it on TT and beta and it works without a problem.


  • Thank you very much. I never knew I could do that. I just tried it and it worked.

    So thank you. :)

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  • A countdown for artefacts or any other event is useful. For ops I use the count down on getter. I think a countdown for ceasefire is a good idea, and shouldn't be difficult to implement, and shouldn't be an inconvenience to those who don't need it

  • It isn't really that difficult to calculate when the truce starts in your time zone. It also wouldn't change anything at all to have a timer, except for making things slightly more convenient for many players.

    Every time someone suggests a minor change (ie little or no effect on gameplay) to make something more convenient, several others feel the need post comments like "but it's so easy to do *x*, you must be dumb." Get over yourselves.

    For what it's worth, TG themselves have occasionally had some trouble with time zone conversions (see the confusion over server start times).

  • The notice again confirms that there still may be a delay lifting the truce. In past servers, many didn’t realize this and expended substantial time timing attacks to land precisely when the truce was SUPPOSED to be lifted. Is there any information on how long the delays have ranged historically - for example, ranging between 1 second and 6 minutes? Then we might assume that an attack planned for 6 minutes and 1 second following the intended truce lifting time would be safe. Attacks within the range would be a function of risk/reward. You get there first and get the accumulated resources before a raid made in the safe zone, if the lift delay is expedient, but the safe Raider gets the bounty if the lift delay is long. Information on historical range would at least afford the opportunity to assess the risk rationally.