Multi-Tribing with PtP

  • Path to Pandora offers a new brilliant perspective to old and traditional Travian that makes this game even more competitive and that is the possibility of multi-tribing. How to multi-tribe you ask? In Path to Pandora by conquering another village, the conquered village won’t change its tribe. That means you can be a Hun with 3 Gaul villages, one Roman village, 5 Teuton village and one little shinny Egyptian capital. Yes, that can happen! But how and what are the rules? What is the best combination of tribes I can have and what are the benefits of that?

    To answer these questions, we must review the benefits each tribe have, and to investigate the effects they can have on each other. In this guide I will talk about these things a little bit, hopefully it will be useful for all readers, and you can find the best strategy for growing your own empires :)


    Let’s review each tribe strongest and weakest points first! Let’s see what Travian FAQ says about each tribe:


    > Gauls

    " The Gauls are the most peace-loving of all the tribes. Their units are well-trained in defensive tactics, but their offence is lacking in comparison to the other tribes. Gauls are born riders, and their horses are legendary for their speed, allowing them to move quickly and surprise their foes.

    This tribe is relatively easy to defend, but an offensive play style is also quite possible. It offers the possibility to go in every strategic direction (offensive or defensive doctrine, lone wolf or helper in emergencies, infantry- or cavalry-based, settler or conqueror), so anything is doable for a skilled player, but also good for beginners!

    For beginning players, Gauls make a good choice due to how easily they can defend, both against attackers and against resource loss. "

    - Speed bonus: Fastest units in the game.

    - Moderate defence bonus from the Palisade.

    - Merchants can carry 750 resources (speed: 24 fields/hour).

    - Double cranny size (raid protection).

    - Expensive siege weapons.

    - Cheap settlers.

    - Chiefs can lower the loyalty by 20 to 25% in each attack and are faster.

    - Gaul heroes have +5 speed when they are mounted.

    - Additional building: Trapper, defensive building

    What does this mean?

    Gauls make the best resource hubs - the villages where you store your resources in to send away to your distant away villages - because of their merchants speed. You need a trade office for your gaul villages and you need a gaul village around your raiding villages/resource villages so you can send these resources out to your distant villages.

    Gauls can stand alone in away lands. You can mass produce trappers after settling close to enemy and take advantage of their ultra fast chiefs to take over enemy villages when you're ready.

    Gauls make the best infantry defense (phalanxes) :gau01: . Its always a good idea to mass produce them :D If you're not originally hun and your steppes are not getting the speed bonus then TT's :gau04: are the fastest armies you can own. that can help with your blitz chiefing attacks.

    teutonsWon-ltr.png> Teutons

    "The Teutons are the most offensive of all the tribes. Teutonic warriors are dreaded everywhere because of their berserker rage in battle. They are the pillaging hordes roaming the lands, completely unafraid of death.

    Because the Teutons lack the military discipline of the Gauls and Romans, they are somewhat slower and weaker than other troops. For offence minded and experienced players, the Teutons are a great choice!"

    - The earth wall is almost indestructible, but offers little defence.

    - Merchants can carry 1000 resources (speed: 12 fields/hour).

    - Unequivocally cheap, fastest produced, and the best carrying capacity troops.

    - Weak in defence.

    - 20 % Cranny dip (also known as Plunder bonus) for all units attacking/raiding with the hero.

    - Chiefs are cheap and can lower the loyalty by 20 to 25%

    - Additional building: Brewery, Better Attacks

    What does this mean?

    In my opinion teutons are still the best raiders in the game (debatable!). Having multiple distant teuton villages with clubs :teu01: and tks :teu06: just to raid is a very great strategy. Teutons are not the best walls anymore - that is egyptians. Their hammers are really really strong though - but not as strong as romans who are using teuton brewery -.

    OOOOH and spears :teu02: are great defense specially against huns! don't forget them defensive players <3

    Teutons make best standing scout defense - good for defense hubs - their scouts are infintry so their slow BUT they consume one crop each. so its good to have these scouts standing in your villages.:teu04:

    In my opinion teutons are really nerfed in this version since Egyptians are anti infantry mainly and every ptp server is full of egyptians.

    Teutons have the only tribe-special building that can only be built in capital. Brewery will increase all your empire offense (and now its gonna have 20 levels). So it's a considerable option - if you don't mind not owning a full watreworked Egyptian 15c 150% as capital. 20% extra offense is a killer don't underestimate that.

    > Romans

    romansWon-ltr.png" Because of their significant social and technological developments, the Romans are the masters of building coordination, and their troops are the Travian elite. They are relatively decent in both attack and defence. To get this versatility, however, they must go through a long and expensive training.

    Their infantry is legendary, but their defence against cavalry is the lowest of all the tribes."

    > Simultaneous construction of resource fields and buildings.

    > Higher defence bonus from city wall.

    > Merchants can carry 500 resources (speed: 16 fields/hour).

    > Extremely powerful infantry, mediocre cavalry.

    > Training is long and expensive.

    > Hero Bonus: The hero skill “strength” increases by 100 points instead of 80 points for each skill point added.

    > Roman Senators can lower the loyalty by 20% to 30% each time.

    > Additional building: Horse Drinking Trough, Reducing cavalry upkeep

    What does this mean?

    Romans make the best crop efficient :rom03::rom05::rom06: hammers - specially the ones you need to swing late game. Their catapults :rom08:are the best. technically Romans are the power of destruction for your alliances. Even though they got extremely nerfed because of the existence of the new tribes, it's still a good idea to have some roman mini hammers.

    Romans make the best scout hammers :rom04: with a horse drinking through your legatis will consume 1 crop each and are fast enough :D

    If you start as roman you will have a great hero advantage of offense bonus. Roman senators are also really awesome - their just slow.

    Oh and before I forget - romans are best simming tribe for mass settling or for when if you want to settle in enemy stronghold and you have to sim up the village so fast before they destroy it.

    egyptsWon-ltr.png> Egyptian

    The Egyptians are known for their massive pyramids, so it's no surprise they are expert builders. But they also mastered the economy and found new ways to use the River Nile to benefit their agriculture. This was largely the effort of bureaucrats and effective organization.

    While the days of their former glory are over, the Egyptians stand ready to rebuild their strength and remind the world they are a force to be reckoned with. The effective economy allows them to have a huge resource output and train new armies quickly and cheaply. They are a formidable opponent, especially when defending behind their impregnable walls.

    Although the Egyptians can be an invaluable asset in the hands of an experienced player, they are also well suited for newer players.

    - Very cheap and quickly trained basic unit

    - Good defensive units

    - The Stone Wall is very difficult to destroy (as hard as a teuton wall) and is as good as a Gaul palisade with defense bonus

    - Weak attack

    - Merchants can carry 750 resources (speed 16 fields/hour)

    - Hero’s resource production is doubled

    - Nomarch lowers enemy village loyalty by 20-25%.

    - Additional building: Waterworks, increasing the oasis bonus

    What does this mean?

    There are several important notes about egyptians:

    1 - They make one of the best capitals. They can double oasis bonus on a 15c 150%. I have no idea if you can imagine what that means without owning an egyptian capital.

    2 - Their hero bonus is special and extreme for early game. It helps them in building their second village fast. It also helps later with their new villages.

    3 - Their defense is OP. you can produce one slave:egy01: per minute later in game. you can wall anything with a good slave weapon in hands of your hero and your slaves. But you also need to consider ashes :egy02: and chariots :egy06:. (Anhurs :egy05: suck btw - they are like a nerfed druidrider with same cost ... and their not even good with offense!)

    4 - Egyptians make best Defense hubs for an alliance. Great wall (check). Waterwork (Check). Just make a good egyptian 15c with oasis and station defense there for when you need it later. we have forwarding right.

    In addition to above - a great chariot army is extremely great against hun hammers and a great ashe or slave army can destroy teutons and romans. try to have a balanced defense :)

    hunsWon-ltr.png> Huns

    The Huns’ military skills were well-known all over the ancient world. Their mounted archers struck fear in the hearts of their enemies and their whole society was focused on military expansion. They preferred to fight on horseback, peppering enemies with arrows, before crashing against them in an insurmountable charge.

    The king of the Huns will spend a substantial amount of time raiding and pillaging enemies. The aggressive nature of the tribe allows a smart leader to hit the enemy where it hurts the most. The Huns' cavalry is perfectly suited for this job thanks to their speed and immense attack power. However, defending can be troublesome and the Huns may need to ask friends from other tribes for support.

    This tribe is a great choice for veteran Travian players who are looking for a new challenge.

    > Plenty of fast and strong cavalry

    > Weak defense provided by the Makeshift Wall

    > Lack of any really good defensive troops

    > Merchants can carry 500 resources (speed: 20 fields/hour)

    > Mounted armies with a hero are +3 fields/hour faster

    > Logades lowers enemy village loyalty by 15-30% with each visit.

    > Additional building: Command Center, improving expansion possibilities

    What does this mean?

    Huns make best chiefing :hun09: help villages. You don't need a palace 20 in your capital anymore for 3 chiefs. just destroy palace when you need space there shrugs. huns and their 3 chiefs can aid your other chiefs when you need to take over stuff. Also their extra expansion slots is pretty needed in ptp. In ptp what you will find out is that you can't sort out enough expansion slots cause you have to chief stuff and keep your tribes ;(

    Huns steppes :hun04: are the magnificent beasts of travian. their speed and attack makes them the best hammer possible in this game. they are more vulnerable against teuton and gaul defense and chariots but who cares. they can blitz attack anything anywhere in map with the speed of thunders when they are with a hun-original hero. They are the best raiders in early games - since its about speed in that stage.

    Huns every troop can attack. A marksmen :hun05: - merc :hun01: hammer can be considered as a hun anvil when its needed. no one will follow that home and they can go with chiefs and company them! Steppe bowman :hun02: hammers are betters for your hun-raiding villages.

    Rules of Path To Pandora New Conquering Mechanics

    In PTP when you conquer another village, it won't change tribe and it will keep it's original tribe. Pay attention to the following rules regarding this mechanic:

    -> When you conquer a Natar village it will change its tribe to your chief tribe. That means if you conquer a village from a Gaul village it will become Gaul for example (It's not related to your account tribe)

    -> Your heroes are allowed to change their home villages to your new conquered villages no matter what is their tribe.

    -> Your hero bonuses will effect all the troops that are in the village no matter what is their tribe or if they are reinforcements.

    -> Your hero will never change it's tribe. Your heroes will always be from the tribe that you started your account with.

    -> Your heroes can only find weapons from their original tribe during adventures but they can own and use other tribe weapons too, you just need to buy them in the auctions.

    -> With the new mechanics in place, you can't ever change the tribe of any village unless if they are Natar. If you want to change a village tribe so badly, you must destroy it with catapults and use the other tribe settlers to build a village there with the other tribe.

    -> Gaul Settlers will make Gaul villages and so on. Your settlers will make new villages based on the tribe of the village they were built from not based on your starting/general tribe.

    -> You can make tribes special buildings in the suitable villages from those tribes. Reminder that Teutons Brewery can only be built in capitals and capitals are not cheifable. But you can chief/settle a Teuton village and turn that to capital to make that building.
    -> You can't merge troops from different tribes.

    Best Capitals

    The best capitals are still croppers no matter from which tribe they are. But I'm gonna point out to two special tribes that can make the best capitals. Teutons and Egyptians. These tribes have a specific special building important to be in a capital city.

    Brewery of Teutons can give +10% bonus (in new patch 20%) to all of your attacking units in all your empire. That will come with a cost though! When brewery is in effect the chiefs’ power of persuasion is decreased and catapults can only do random hits.

    The Waterworks allows you to regulate the water flow to your oases. This not only helps to grow trees and crops, but it is also useful for quarries and mines as it supplies workers with water and resource transportation. This building increases the bonus of all annexed oases. Its maximum effect at level 20 doubles the effect of oases.The Waterworks can only be built by Egyptians!

    That is why if you can make an egyption/teuton cropper capital go for it.

    Multi-tribing : How can I get a new tribe?

    How to get a good cropper from those two tribes as capital? How can I add a new tribe to my collection? there are 4 basic ways:

    1 - chief an enemy cropper from appropriate tribe. This is very hard. If its a good cropper and from one of these tribes, the chances are that the enemy will turn that to capital before you can capture it. or that they already have so much troops/standing defense there that it's so hard to get close to it. But it's always the first way to consider since it's the most efficient one! Specially if you're close to them.

    2 - In-Alliance friendly chiefing. You can ask a friend in alliance to make you an appropriate village and you chief that from them. To perform this action, consult with the alliance leadership and try to convince another alliance member to settle for you. Plus one of you will have to leave the current alliance or confederacy for 2 days, before chiefing is possible. In PtP you can't reinforce the people who aren't in your alliance or confederacies so ouch. Also leaving alliance might effect your alliance regional controls so check with leaders first.

    3 - Conquer a village from your target tribe, then use their settlers to take a cropper. This will take a long time but it will always work! When you have a teuton village - for example - you can make teuton cities as much as you like without being dependent to others. Then you can destroy the original village you chiefed if its just taking an expansion slot from an important village of yours /shrugs

    4 - Convince someone to chief a natar with your target tribe chiefs. Then rechief that natar after them. To hand over a recently chiefed village you must be fast in landing after the first conqueror(I think its 12 hours window) and the conqueror should not increase that village loyalty.

    Interesting Combinations

    I mentioned these stuff mainly but its good to highlight these again!

    1 - Teutons Brewery with Huns Cavalry or roman offense. Imagine +10% (now 20%!) stronger in attacks huns? or a roman hammer killing it all?!

    2 - Command Centers Expansion slots and chiefs now can assist other tribes to use their chiefing skills more efficiently.

    3 - Players can train their own defenses and participate more in alliance defense calls. Since all tribes can own gaul/egyptians they can make more efficient defenses only and use the other villages for raiding/attacking.

    4 - You can supply your villages with fast gaul merchants/ 750 res or a roman trade office even if your other villages are teuton or hun!

    5 - Egyptian heroes can give early other tribe villages a great resource push.

    6 - Egyptian 15cs with good oasis - make the best defense hubs as to gather other tribe defenses in one place so they can get forwarded to destination in time.

    There are definitely infinite combinations of these tribes that you can own. Remember that when you get a village from one tribe you can build more villages from same tribe!

    I personally love to see PtP chiefing in a ww server. I also like to see where are developers heading after PtP! These servers are getting more and more intense and interesting!

    Best starting Tribe

    So this is actually dependent on your game style, game start strategy, your finance and how online you are but these are different factors that you must consider:

    1 - Hero

    Your starting tribe in ptp is the tribe of your hero and you can't ever change that. different tribes get different hero bonuses. These are the useful bonuses:

    > Hun hero: This hero gives speed to your steppes and the rest of your caval army. If you plan to make a big caval gaul, roman or hun hammer for blitz attacks consider starting with this tribe. You can't imagine what does it mean to make tt's or steppes +3 tile per hour faster for blitz attacking. If you are a believer in rams and a decenet hammer attacking and you don't do blitz attack like that maybe you don't need this hero.

    > Roman hero: this hero can clear your oasis at very starting stage of game - better. This hero gets more offense bonus which is always useful

    > Gaul hero: This hero is faster. Which means for roa type maps this hero is a god/goddess and can reach anywhere they want asap when other heroes are just trying :D

    > Egyptian hero: this is the best hero for start. Their resource production bonus is amazing for faster getting that new village.

    I skip teuton hero since its advantage is just never useful :/

    Again your hero is based on your starting tribe and won't change if you multi tribe.

    2 - Raid

    Huns are the best early game raiders. I put teutons in second place.

    Huns are fast and speed is best factor for early raiding. teutons are cheaper which means you can get more of their raiders faster.

    Later game raiding is based on consistent and TS/Haste artifact. but yeap if you're a early raider hun is a great tribe for start.

    3 - Defense

    Gauls are still the best resource hiders. Egyptians are the best farms in map in early game so you must look after them if you're them.

    You can always build wall and residence for early defense too.

    (oh and crannies since they also make good cp)

    Is it so far from madness to wisdom?


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