Requests for New Patch

  • Hello Mods and all ( Ridder Huma )

    I would like to request these changes for the future patch - besides the ones mentioned for previous patch update. I will also explain what will it imply.

    1. Unique Artifacts affect on Wonder:

    There are two Unique artifacts that work great on wonder of world. Unique Architect + Unique Diet. But there are 4 sides. Further, Unique Diet and Unique Architect both spawn on one side of the map. Both are either on eeast side, or West or North Or South. They do not spawn in opposite directions to each other like UArchi and UConfusion, or UDiet and UFools. Which can mean that two adjacent quadrants will have access to both these artifacts and if it is the case that these two quadrants work together - they are going to have a very strong end-game.

    Request 1:

    So - I request this nerf. Wonder of the World is excluded from the effect of Unique Artifacts. There are 4 large artifacts of Diet and Architect and 4 sides on map. Their end-game should not be determined on the chances of artifacts spawn in game. The luck you have on day 100, should not determine the outcome of the server.

    Request 2:

    Alternatively, I would request to remove the wonder villages completely from artifacts effect. And instead, add an additional feeding factor to the wonder. Pre-plans release, troops will eat 2/3rd, and after plans release it will eat 1/2. Total crops advantage = wonder on large diet (1/6th). And walls and buildings on wonder are 2x stronger.

    Results from this change would be a buff to end-game rammers, brewery can be reduced back to the 10% for teutons. End-game can again depend on hammers too and not just how much you can add to the wonder defense. Hitting through LA and big defense is too OP for end-game and reduces the effect of wwks. These changes are definitely great for .com servers and probably also .finals which is great being dominated by wonder defense.

    2. Natars have walls on artifacts

    All the big metas in Travian - bully other quadrants by dropping villages in unique arti spawn locations for an easy pick up. 14k EIs can now easily clear up a unique artifact even in competitive servers due to the additon of Metallurgy Bonus and steal the artifacts in different quadrants. Geography means nothing now - teams in the current com1 registered accounts within bp that can only attack natars and not get attacked - settled them on small arti coordinates and stole small artifacts with 8k TT or 7k Eis... ?( We also settled in cross quadrants but not from bp accounts to steal some artifacts and managed to get our hands on somethings.

    Artifacts Natars should spawn with walls. Even a small level 10 city wall on those natars will severely punish the ghost hammers that go without rams. You still can steal cross-quad arties with ghosts - but now you cannot do it for every artifact or else the price to pay is huge with bigger ghosts required - while same hammer sizes can easily go with small rams to destroy those Roman city walls and claim the artifacts.

    What will this result into is - more geographical domination required instead of proxy villages and easy pickups for unique artifacts etc. One meta domination will reduce. But this should only happen - if the point 1 above is accepted and Unique affect from wonder is taken away. Otherwise, entire game will depend on the luck of artifacts spawn specially because you can no more compete cross-quads for the uniques.

    i just want u to know i have no prob with u not knowing good English but don't act smart and use stuff i said that u don't even understand to try to hurt me bro

  • Natars should have walls everywhere and only defensive troops in artis/WW/BP villages.

    Feels stupid to clear artis/WW/BP and there's a million siege inside as well, providing :

    a) easy points - due to off troops defending

    b) more points - if only def troops were stationed, you'd need far less of them for same defensive effect.

    The b) option can also be boosted with the wall idea, further decreasing natar off point farming potential.

    They are Natars after all. Mighty tribe with plans to a building spanning across the whole village center and reaching amazing heights.... but don't know how to make a god damn wall.

  • I love the walls at natar villages a lot!

    And I know that off points don’t mean anything, but TG could also double the stats on natar troops and then half the amount that spawns in Arties, Plans and WWs, to decrease the amount of points even further...Since a lot of people like to hit them for points..

  • I disagree that def stacking on wonder is OP. I know that current com1 had way above average amounts and quality of WWKs... So they were able to damage the WWs through large amounts of defense (for both sides). However, less competetive servers will have nowhere near those def numbers. Making the offense OP. It's what happens on national servers now (even .us and .uk before Anglo) - 300k hammers with 12k catas takes off 20 levels of a level 90 wonder at max defense. All WWs are 0d multiple times... and so on.

    Not to mention that WWRs would be impossible to do anything against. Fnx, you saw our wall go down with 18m def, to a single WWR at 600k, because we had no architect.

    Even on a server like com1 where we managed a very large defense, for all WW hits... We're still looking at ending on day 254, and maybe a bit later.

  • Kind of will agree. Second solution is not a good one for first request. Still - Unique arties should not affect the wonder. One side will get a big edge this way just because they were lucky with spawns. Unique Diet specially is not an easy artifact to steal since with trade routes for half the feeding value - you can easily stack up the defense while training more defense.

    So - We can still go with the first solution. Every round of com1 server has been won with the team that held the UD in end-game. I'm sure other servers also share similar results. UD definitely has the highest win rate of all the artifacts. Overall, this thing where there's 1 Unique for 4 sides - and that 1 Unique can affect the end-game and who gets his hands on it is totally based on luck, is not something balanced.

    i just want u to know i have no prob with u not knowing good English but don't act smart and use stuff i said that u don't even understand to try to hurt me bro

  • I completely agree on the fact presented by fnx. The placement of the artefact should be well balanced.

    Do we have a guide for artefact location in this forum ?