Awards for players.

  • As far as i think there are players who have been exceptionally great at this game; and have in fact spent a lot of money, time and effort. So its time TRAVIAN TEAM actually reward those players from each community for their outstanding contribution. Also its not only the Tournament that should get attention rather each server has to have a moderator who keeps update of what is going on around and keeping the fun going on.

    I hope the developer team and the moderator will notice this view and think of something creative.

    Regarding the problem of moderator i guess there are volunteers who will name themselves for the post as well.


  • So what you're saying is, I'm getting the ''Most spent on gold in 2018'' award?

    No thanks, I'd rather not have that be displayed on my profile.

  • Pretty sure there are players that spend more gold than you Wolkenengel  :P

    I'm pretty sure there are, but just gave an example as of why any gold-related award is... well meh.