Latvian speaking volunteer team members wanted!

  • Hello!

    Would you like to know how everything works in the backstage of Travian: Legends? Would you like to be the first one to know exciting news? Would you like to make game better and help your community? Join the volunteers team!

    Currently there is no one speaking Latvian on Travian: Legends Baltics team, so we need you to keep Latvian language supported on Baltics!

    These positions are available:

    • Support (answering players' questions about the game)
    • Multihunter (taking care of game rules violations and answering players' questions about locked account or game rules)
    • Forum moderator (taking care of polite communication on forum, answering players' questions on forum)
    • Travian Answers (searching for errors, inconsistencies in Travian Answers page, updating information there)
    • Translator (translating some of game updates, contests or other needed information from English to Latvian)
    • Other (I'm open for your suggestions how else could you help)


    • Good knowledge of the game.
    • Good written Latvian language skills.
    • Written English language skills (so that we would understand each other).
    • Free time that you can commit for volunteering.
    • Age 18+ years old.
    • You will have to sign non-disclosure agreement and send us proof of living.


    • Written Estonian language skills.
    • Written Russian language skills.
    • Written Lithuanian language skills.
    • Similar job or volunteering experience.

    What we suggest for you?

    • Become a part of the game that you play everyday.
    • Be the first one to know the news about the game.
    • Chance to join international Travian community.
    • As a thank you gesture from us, you can receive gold on any of Travian Games.

    Are you ready to join?

    If you want to join as a volunteer, write an email to and in your letter include answers to the following questions:

    • What is your real name and surname?
    • What is your date of birth?
    • What is your nickname on forum?
    • What servers do you currently play and what are your nicknames in those servers? What servers did you play in the past, and nicknames?
    • For how long are you playing Travian: Legends? What are your greatest accomplishments in the game?
    • Tell me more about yourself and your personality.
    • Which position you are interested in (multiple positions are allowed)?
    • How many hours per day can you commit for volunteering?
    • What languages do you speak?

    If you have any further questions, you can write them in a personal message here on forum or to email

    Remember - your community needs you!

    I'm looking forward to your message.

    Travian: Legends Baltics Community Manager Shanti


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