Forward Animals

  • Please allow us to forward animals within our own accounts. If we pay for cages, we should be allowed to move them around. This would definitely make cages more valuable to players - and probably even bring in more $$ to Travian. Win-win right.

  • Animals already give free def (no crop consumption), that you can't move them is the only downside (well, apart from money spending if you want a large zoo..) - they don't need to be buffed. Of course their value falls off late game, but early game they have a very high value.

  • The change is only nominal as it is only really valuable early game and even then only a few will spend enough to make a difference on defense. However, it is a small touch and would be nice to have. No real downside in the game and upside for Travian $.

    I hate having animals in random villages. Would be nice to put all in one village.

  • would be definitely useful to move out your arties - we never do zoos for that very reason

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