Learn what discretion is and use it.

  • If you are going to have Multihunters that respond to and take action on rules violations teach them what discretion is.

    I have an account I was playing on for a few weeks and had asked my wife to check on my village while I was at work. This made us a dual account. She did this once and then decided she wanted to make an account as well so we could play together. So she created an account and our goal was to set each other up as sitters for each other. I didn't even send her a recruitment message to get gold because we just wanted to play together. We made the mistake of having the same password because my wife is bad at remembering passwords. The next day we got messages saying we were banned for multiple accounts. I understand that some might try to exploit the game by running multiple accounts to gain an advantage which is wrong. But looking at how she set up her account and no recruitment email was sent it seems obvious to me that we were not trying to gain an advantage. Not to mention that a new account on a server already underway is not really any advantage at all. We both tried to respond and tried to explain this but the only response was a poorly written response again demanding that "I" choose which account "I" want to keep ( I only write "I" because there is an assumption that both accounts are run by the same person). Apparently the only way Travian makes the determination of multi accounts is based on the password? With all the games I have played through the years this is the first time I've come across a rules/user agreement violation and the response was shocking. Again I understand people out there will do and say all sorts of crap to get away with ruining games for those of us who enjoy them without exploits and cheats. But this seriously threw me for a loop. I for the first time in years found a game my wife was interested in playing with me and then were banned for a simple error that would have been SUPER easy to fix. Have us change our passwords... ergo. DISCRETION. So the only option now is to submit to a ban on one of the accounts which will be hers. I'm trying to talk her into making a new one but she has lost interest at all now. Plus now I've lost interest since this ban sucked up so much plus account time and boosts on production and village advancement time.

    Again I understand rules violation must be dealt with severely because they can ruin a game for everyone else but some discretion here would have gone a LONG way. :(

  • Hey there. The problem is not the password buddy, the problem is sam internet adress and same device ip (assuming you used same computer). All of this is simply prevented by messaging multihunter as soon as second account is created, that you are two diffrent persons living under same roof. Easy as that. :)

    Have a great day.

  • Both of you guys are at fault, as in both you and the MH. You honestly should have contacted him before but oh well. Can you message him again and tell him she's going to make an account and tell him to chill ?

  • We explained everything several times and didn't deny anything. It was an honest mistake. The MH gave us only the option to choose which account was going to be deleted. My wife chose hers and wont play now. :( Bummer.

  • Travian really has to work on their stuff man. They are literally preventing new players from playing their game.

    it's stupid. Is there anyway for Mods or community managers to just talk to the MH real quick ? This guy isn't ruining the game, not like he's Top Raider or anything.

    Tell him to chill

  • Truebeliever308 you were told in your previous thread how this is handled. Creating a new thread to discuss this issue does not change the answer. Bans are not allowed to be discussed on the forums. Bans are in game and must be dealt with in game. The forums are not an appropriate place for this discussion.

    Calmly write the MH of your server and discuss this matter with them. This is what their job is.

    Please take the time to read the forum guidelines before you post again.

    Also please take the time to read the game rules where everything is spelled out.

    If you continue to bring this up on the forums, you may receive a formal warning which can lead to a forum ban. The rules for the forum do not allow the discussion of bans.

    If you have any issues, you can message sommerfuglen or Stellamini or myself using a forum pm