• I'm thinking this is a dumb question as I write it but here it goes.

    Can you play this game casually and get into a decent alliance? Or am I just making myself into a future farm?

    I have not played in 7 years and am noticing that the good alliances require gettertools and discord. I have never used or heard of either until now.

    I use gold. (can you really play without it?)

    Check into my account often and have a dual.

    getter tools and discord will be loaded shortly and learned.

    I'm surrounded by several of the big alliances on my server and about to make my second village. Just not sure if I'm going to build where I'm at or move a bit away. Last time I played I was in a top alliance and the loners always asked about building close to our area. Is this a thing? Just wondering how this game has evolved.


  • This game can easily be played casually. If you know how to play the game, and have a dual, it sounds like you won't have a problem joining somewhere. If you're late on the server, and other accounts around you are large with multiple villages, it might be a good idea to move out though, unless you make friends with the dominant nearby players.

    In regards to the teams surrounding you - if the server has just started, you cannot judge any of them yet. The largest teams (noobs) will typically be the ones spamming invites to everyone.

    You're not really a new player I guess... But these might be helpful to you anyway:

    [New players] wishmaster3's Basic Surival Guide

    Common Travian Etiquette