Such a Brilliant idea adapted by TG

  • This may have been the most brilliant concept i've ever seen. 2x Troop speed but 5x Oasis animals respawning speed. You literally send a raid on an empty oasis and all the animal kinds are back before you even get there. You clear the oasis with hero, send first wave of troops to clear it out and get resources, second wave to get more resources and animals are already spawning before your troops even arrive.

    TG pls you didn't even have the decency to put a cap on oasis respawning speeds ? Come on. Seriously. So what everyone is supposed to sim their second village now ?

  • I heard Loffe is an expert in settling 2nd with next-to-no troop loss and big farming profit...

    I think @MH is even better, they got jelous of me and put me in prison.

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