[Anglosphere] Fact and Rumours Ts7 - Round 1

  • Over confidence is for sure a very bad thing. it leads to demise.

    Fear some time gets very useful, making people work really hard and make them pretty strong and resilient.

    I see for the first time Other alliances on equal or better grounds with GoT. This time its other way around. GoT gona struggle for sure. Real test, they con;t fight whole server, having del sw keeping them busy all the time.
    And what i see other alliances are atleast on full agreement that let first get rid of GoT, then we will see who is gona win the server.

    UK3: White Walker

    UK2: White Walker

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  • Verde why did your alliance kill my capital off? I thought we were friends ;(

    No he is my friend, he even considered to send me fakes, I was happy that he considered to actually look into my account and send something. :)

    Numbers say all.

    I can brag about this all day, as I have highest donations(ally push included) rate in the alliance 8), maybe server too :/- right now I´ve donated 34 millions altough I could donate 1mil per day but I´m poor guy with no gold now X/