Farm Lists - Raid separation

  • Hi,

    Is it in the pipeline of development for the raids too be compartmentalised too their respective lists.. as is now, if i have the same village on two separate raiding villages.. the last raid is combined as too the last village that made the raid and not the actual village too its respective list.


  • Recently, it seems like minor changes such as this are made to the farm lists by accident, instead of being planned and announced as part of a regular update. This would be convenient, but your best chance might be to hope for a new update to introduce a bug that happens to do what you want 8o

    Edit: I apologize for being a bit cynical there... It's just that a) there should be a dedicated spot in the forums for ideas like this, and then the devs should actually read them and add them to the game, and b) editing farms lists is just such a pain right now and I'm frustrated X(

  • Hello!

    Thank you for your input.

    I am currently working on the farm lists and am trying to figure out how we would like them to work.

    If you could please write your suggestions/ideas and discuss them, I will then talk to team lead and the developers. I can of course not promise that everything will be exactly like we want it to be, but it should be better if the developers get to know how we who plays want it.

    So please, give your suggestions!

    Kind regards,


  • Okay, I'll bite:

    1) When you edit an entry and change the list it's in, the troops should be saved with it (instead of going to zero like a new entry as it currently does).

    2) When you've moved the entry to a new list and hit 'save,' that entry should be automatically deleted from the farm list it was previously in. Alternatively, the option should be given to delete the old entry or keep it.

    3) Next to 'check all' button, add a option to select all farms except those with red or yellow swords in their last reports.

    4) Add an option to merge two farm lists from the same village.

    5) Add an option to select multiple entries in one farm list and move them all to another list.

    6) Add a timer at the top of each farm list next to the name of the list, showing how much time has passed since the list was last sent.

    7) When you hover over the blinking yellow swords next to the village name, instead of the text saying "own attacking troops," display the number of raids currently en route to that farm (i.e. "5 raids").

    8 ) Make the yellow swords clickable, and have that link take to you directly to the next raid hitting that village in the rally point. Even better (I can dream, right?), have that link take us to the rally point and display all the raids currently attacking that village, and only that village.

    9) When I open the farm list in my phone's browser, just after the page appears to have finished loading it jumps partway down the page. I don't know why it does this, or how to fix it, but I'm getting really tired of accidentally clicking on the wrong village.

    I guess I'm a very optimistic cynic ;)

  • Okay, I'll bite:

    3) Next to 'check all' button, add a option to select all farms except those with red or yellow swords in their last reports.

    I guess I'm a very optimistic cynic ;)

    I don't think this should be added, check all box just saves ticking each raid individually.. negating the actual checking for the player before sending i can't agree with.. if a player sends a check all raids and sends when they haven't actually checked if it was good to send.. then no i can't agree with this

    but the rest of what you said i see no problems with and would all be useful additions.. with the inclusion of a previous suggestion post i made about having a troops returning indicator as well.

    Otherwise i'll have too have a bit more practice using the farming lists too better find out its kinks

  • ooo, actually, something i've been thinking would be a nice touch is an average collection made, like over.. the last 5,10,20,50,100 raids.. or just something that indicates how well the lads are doing lol