More tools to edit farm list

  • Hello I could use more tools to edit farm list. Not that long back you could move farms between lists by "edit" button. What it does now it creates a copy in the second list. So it doubles the work, becouse now I need to delete the first one after copy is made. Could you guys please give us more tools to edit lists? Copy / Move button. Drag and drop option? Move / edit few positions at once? Would be wonderfull. Thanks.

  • Farm lists need:

    - Allowing to move farms between lists

    - Mass edit (to change the troop numbers for a bunch of farms with one click)

    - sword color filters (so you can choose all farms that their last attack was yellow sword/red sword)

    - also I hope if they add this option in map so after right clicking on a village you can add it to farm list directly without being forced to open the village description module

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