End of the server - com1

  • I don't have energy for anything too extensive so..

    Here's the compiled WW hits from the server:


    First off, GG to Villains. While you didn't bring much to the table beforehand, we got ourselves a very interesting endgame, with not one, but multiple record-breaking hammers. This along with massive defenses in all WW made for an epic endgame - thank you!

    Next, a shout-out to Marleen for letting me join the Solace account once again, when I needed somewhere to plan OPs from. Sad that she became too busy to be on much (stop playing on so many servers you noob <3).

    The biggest shout-out goes to my man Obi. You popped up at just the right time in the SGR chat, and asked about OPs, just when I was considering if I could be bothered to join and do meta-wide OPs, when it turned out there was not enough interest in the SW wing alone. What can I say? Awesome music taste, good taste in games, is also a jedi? Damn. Enjoyable to plan OPs with you, and even more so to theorycraft and strategize - we were almost always on the same page.

    A huge shout-out goes to all of our launchers. Thank you for the entusiasm and interest in bashing enemy villages. Thanks for always doing your best despite varies issues, questions about our sometimes rather complex plans and so on. You guys rocked the server!

    Next, BB gets a shout-out too, even though he's a lazy noob who doesn't feed the WW. Good talks all server long, and more to come I am sure. No, I will not OC for your anglo team X/:*

    Shout-out to fnx and Ermal for coming back at a critical time. I said straight away that I would not be organizing the WWK hits too, on top of regular OC planning, so Obi and fnx did a very good job, with only little input from me. Ermal did great work on helping feed the WW.

    Shout-out to Valt and the rest of the DC crew. While you weren't tested much.. You had a great result when it finally came down to it.

    Shout-out to the WW team of course, as well as all the pony express members - Marleen, Lyn, Ermal, fnx, LK, Obi, Mazzi, Pari, Richard, Valt, tonz, Tarkelic... Great job on feeding - except for the weeks after we secured the victory when you starved like 100k of my precious spears :( Tarkelic came in clutch by the end, and queued the two level 100s.

    Mazzi - as old as time, but still not wise enough to win without my help :P Jokes aside, Mazzi is the heart and soul of SGR, and will always be so.

    LK lost arties :o

    Shout-out to the rest of the Templars duals for not letting LK lose more arties this server, and building a massive WWK for him.

    Shout-out to puggles and Nenoob on Investors for another awesome WWK.

    Shout-out to the clock eater for the spamming, and also obviously doing all the work on Investors, while Nenoob slacks as usual.

    In general, shout-out to all the SGR spammers, you guys are awesome 8)

    As we usually say in the spam-room because we know you keep an eye on our chat... Hi James! (most often with a (finger) or (mooning) added).

    Shout-out to Sarcy for doing what she could in an ungrateful position - sorry for making life hard for you.

    And finally... A very special shout-out to all the baby seals <3

    I probably forgot a ton that I'd like to shout-out too... So apologies! If you feel like you deserve a shout-out from me, you definitely do, so go treat yourself with some chocolate and your favorite music!