Does anyone else have problems buying gold?

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  • Hi all,

    for several months now I have been unable to buy gold across many servers and on 4 different devices.

    Got the usual patronizing standard and unless reply of deleting cookies and clearing browser cache from plus support. Considering I reported it was across 4 devices including a brand new one, across chrome and Firefox and than more than one server this standard answer if clearly not very clever or useful.

    So my question - is anyone else having the same or similar problems?

  • I haven’t experienced any issues at all...My bank account would probably love it if I ever experienced any issues...

    What exactly is not working for you?

    - Can you not open the gold buying menu?

    - Doesn’t get redirected to the payment option of your choosing?

    - Something completely different?

  • I had a setting "disable third party cookies" in my browser turned on, this caused the gold listing purchase menu not to show up and instead a little spinning buffer icon. I had to add the "" to the cookie allowed/whitelist to allow it to load. Hope this helps!