[Discussion] Legends on Tour 2019 Summit!

  • Dear players,

    Here you can ask or discuss about the "Legends on Tour 2019!

    You can find the announcement here.

    Your Travian: Legends Team


    Members of the Travian Team works on a voluntary basis and are therefore not available 24 hours a day.

  • i too nominate @Wolkenengel


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  • I would nominate myself.
    I would like to bring some more help in improving the game.

    the CWL, Goats, WILD, SGR, etc experience, dating back since 2005-2006, will probably help deeply.

    I will apply and see.


    Hear No Evil (Chaotic War Lords / GOATs) :wolf:

    respect for Wild, GoDz, IM, SGR, Gold, Infamous, REST, Dacia, AoW, MC, etc.
    Miss those good old pro players.

  • Some of you saw that TG made their picks. No announcement yet how vote will be cast.

    [COM] Legends on Tour 2019 Summit!

    7th May: Travelling to Munich – Meet the Team and Dinner
    8th May: Game Design Topics
    9th May: Game Design/Devs Community Topics
    10th May: Marketing/Community Management Topics
    11th May: Travelling back home

    No meeting with Customer Service. Am I reading this right?

  • Some of you saw that TG made their picks. No announcement yet how vote will be cast.

    [COM] Legends on Tour 2019 Summit!

    No meeting with Customer Service. Am I reading this right?

    There's only the "meet the team and dinner" part. I take it so that it means the legends on tour team. Sounds like the event is isolated from employees? Ameno

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  • Some of you saw that TG made their picks. No announcement yet how vote will be cast.

    [COM] Legends on Tour 2019 Summit!

    No meeting with Customer Service. Am I reading this right?

    How you can meet with Customer Service if TG dont have Customer Service? :/

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  • I assume at first Community will ask us some questions.

    Meanwhile, I updated the about me, to reflect the "why" I applied and what are the objectives from my point of view, in relation to my application.


    May the best represent .COM domain in May.

    Hear No Evil (Chaotic War Lords / GOATs) :wolf:

    respect for Wild, GoDz, IM, SGR, Gold, Infamous, REST, Dacia, AoW, MC, etc.
    Miss those good old pro players.

  • Information about poll coming soon (today it will be posted as addition to Legends on Tour thread). About Customer Service part - just like last year there will be 2 people together with the community representatives. I will "represent" Community Management part and Timo (aka Phanttis ) will represent Customer Service. We will be with the others through the whole event, from day 1 to day 5.

    During Legends on Tour there will be multiple meetings with all the departments and representatives can address their questions to them. It won't be "isolated" event, quite the opposite.

    When you contact me via PM, please, send your messages in English.

  • So we write about the plan here or update About Me section? Ridder Huma

    Assuming you're aware that most submitted their About Me information before the Administrator was asked to increase the character limit, which happened this morning, so most probably haven't fully expressed themselves.

  • Being an Indian, i understand that all of those except Blaze can drive to Munich if they wanted to, as a guy who did a lengthy write up for the legends in tour application without even getting an acknowledgement mail, i understand it would be a dream come true for him. Sorry Emerik,Claud, This vote will go to Blaze.

    I Have a question for Blaze ; what do you think travian needs to do market a game in a newly created game based economy in country like ours, how do you think it can be made more accescible to us ? (I always have problems buying gold because it is such a convoluted process)

    Emerik ; you know tournament is barely a fair game, how do you address the mass cheating and the MHs cold response to events like these?

    @all contestants ; Do you think tactics like personal farms are a game changer? do you have any ideas to address the rampant use of personal farms?

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  • Personal farms I think are indeed a game changer. You farm the full production of an account with 0 losses, not exactly the luxury other can afford when they farm inactives/other players.

    How to address it would be rather interesting, as it does look painfully obvious, that a certain someone is only being farmed by another certain someone, but when an enemy attacks the resources are suddenly gone or def appears.

    If that is to happen, the account should simply be banned.

    The funny part though, on .si where I come from the MH does take action if such things are happening, so I guess this varies from domain to domain.

    But we all know the .com MHs are really slacking a LOT of time, so maybe replacing a few would be a good start in the first place.

  • Emerik ; you know tournament is barely a fair game, how do you address the mass cheating and the MHs cold response to events like these?

    A player who uses scripts&bots in the Tournament will use it on other servers as well. I dare to say they are using them more on random servers, cause in the finals, if you are banned and MH will delete your army, your team will curse you and blame you and you will feel the shame much more.

    A player who likes to do multi account will do that on every server he plays, I have no doubt.

    The difference is in the finals you can see 10k accounts, on a com server you can see 1k-2k accounts. But the % of cheating is the same, people are the same.

    The system behind tournament is good, but it needs some minor adjustments. You want to play finals, you need to qualify first ! Nice, this is a good thing !

    You can only reach in the finals if you are a top player in one of the few qualification servers. OK, again, the idea is good.

    But then why Travian gives away thousands of free wild cards, days before finals starts ?

    Majority of those wild cards will turn into multi accounts/tech accounts/private farms etc.

    Before the start of the current finals, that we play right now, TG gave away less wild cards than previous years. And guess what ? This year there's less cheating, less multi accounts, less bans compared with last year at least :)

    More is needed to be done, even less wild cards please ! 100 wild cards will be enough in my opinion.

    But what the Tournament needs to change asap is the reward system !

    Those prizes attracted a bad crowd ... bounty hunters, those guys will will do anything, every cheat from the book, in order to get their hands on a precious tablet or the latest smartphone.

    They are ruining the game, but if you take away the prize, or change the reward system completely, our game and our tournament finals will become more competitive, a better place overall.

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  • I'm concerned about that com only can send one representative this year and that Tournament is included. As Emerik says we need changes to stop the reward hunting for example. It is one of the serious problems in Final.

    I'm withdrawing my nomination to the event - even if I would love to go there and meet all people and participate in the intensive discussions. It was enlightening and gave me a better understanding how the game works. But I think that it is more important that new players have the possibility to join and a chance to make influence.

    My vote will go to Emerik because Tournament needs a representative as it have special needs. From last year is was clear that the other servers had topics that was common for them all - sorry guys, you are also a good choice to represent the com community, I wish I could have voted for two of you.

  • Firstly, thanks for the vote of support bhai.

    For the question addressed to me: I personally havent found it "unaccessible" but the shutting down of our domain '.in' certainly hasnt helped. The merge to .au didnt go quite to plan as most indians from regular servers shifted to other english lang based servers, or simply quit. Im not going to pretend to know what kind of marketing would help travian grow again, but the simplest way to look at things would be to see how newer players interact with the game. With such a steep learning curve and the pay to win aspect, its extremely hard for a newbie, with little to no gold, to actually survive the initial stage. Perhaps gold could be used as an incentive (like most mobile games have gems or such being awarded). So if you complete a daily task or an overall achievement (for example killing 1k troops) you get a little gold to aid you. To people buying 1600 packages every 2 weeks, these rewards will be pennies, but to the average non golder, it would do wonders. If the game is more playable to new players and non golders, we will eventually see the 'irrelevance' of the game fade away. As it stands, new players never stick as they dont find it appealing enough to spend hours and hours to eventually end up getting owned by high skilled golders, with the older players growing tired of the stale game and retiring too. It is what has caused the downfall in numbers imo. As for the buying gold aspect. Indians do have a slight advantage but it is not known to most. The purchasing of mol points, and gold through those mol points, results in a comparetively lower cost for 1600 packages. So that might be something you would like to try :P

    For the question addressed to all of us - Personal farms are indeed a game changer. As a regular on comx myself, this has been one of the key aspects which seperates high skilled players. Whether they have been friendly farming or not. TG has taken 1 step towards fixing that, by making sure you cannot reinforce people who are not a confed of yours. Preventing those main accounts from defending their multis/friendly farms(ff). But then agian if the alliance is not a meta or if the player simply makes an alliance of his/her own, he/she could simple be in confed with the embassy filled with those tech accounts, and counter TG's step.

    The main issue as it stands is with the rules. So perhaps a no tolerance policy towards accounts which are simply garages or are meant to be farmed would help. Im sure MH's can sort through the reported accounts to determind which is being used be specific players to simply farm. Im guessing this would raise concerns as to which farm is considering a ff, and which is considered an ordinary farm. In order to determine that, MHs could simply check if they are in confed with the player in concern or not. If they are, and are being farmed and then deffed against other incomings, its an ff. If the acc is outside the confed, then let it remain as they are open to enemies to raid, and the account in question cant reinforce it. A constant in and out of confed would also result in foul play and a ban. Hope it makes sense.

    Another way would be to set a low limit to how much can be raided from a player in confed. Forcing players to have their tech accounts outside of confeds, and hence opening them up to the rest of the server to farm or 0, as they cannot be defended.

    PS. Anyone who addresses me, beware of a wall of text. ^_^

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