[Anglosphere] Legends on Tour 2019 Summit - Discussion

  • Last year the UK sent a Dane so I would say no, just that you play the domain.

  • is it a requirement to have residence in, or originate from, GB, Ireland, AUS or the americas?

    Nope, not a requirement.
    But you should be active and a good fit to represent these communities. If you do not play or engage in these community you will hardly be able to represent them.

  • I love to wind you up :D

    I know...Can’t you just adopt me or something? So I can call myself a Tea eater already.

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  • Delete that comment! My autocorrect has been driving me insane lately...

    You use autocorrect and call yourself a Legend? :/

  • Last year the UK sent a Dane so I would say no, just that you play the domain.

    Technically the danes have dominated the british isles for a very long time, even conquered parts of them on multiple occasions, so it's hardly a surprise. Either way, don't be fooled by this forum account, a couple of years of inactivity have made sure I could not retrieve my original login(s). Haven't played much on .uk servers though, but here I am. The anglosphere servers look interesting when they settle after the original hype, most domains seem too scarcely populated to be worth the effort.

  • Alright alright, I’ll do it.

    If you make just a half-decent pitch, I might just vote for you. You seem dedicated and experienced, and I hope our encounter on uk4 haven't wrecked any chances of being allies on other servers.

    That said, I have a bunch of ideas on how to improve on some game aspects, but it's probably too much of a change to implement in legends. I'm thinking complete redesign of artefacts, equipment and daily quests. The rest is more or less fine.

  • They probably could use a proper yelling at about server stability and bugs entering live servers.

    I'm half the Loink account. I was reluctant to own up to it at first since the tone on the forum had me worried I would face ingame repercussions. But the server is pretty much determined, and at this point, any focus on me would mean less focus on our ww.

  • I think it's great that the selection of a representative is being done so democratically this year. My only issue is that the people who I would want to go aren't likely to put themselves forward. I really hope the following players will think about it;

    Norre who has been leading one of the top UK alliances for longer than I've been playing and helped me build my first ever WWK

    Ryder who knows more about this game than most of us have forgotten

    playingwithfire who has kept the forum going and been steady as a rock while a fair bit of drama has gone on

    Inky who has worked quietly and steadily as a volunteer for years and years and held more WWs than I've had hot dinners