[COM] Poll is closed! - Nomination: The Legend of 2018

  • Yeah i second this nomination, Durisbane (aka the gilded_goat aka try to stop us) played an insane server, every week they were 3x the amount of #2 robber (even without the boots artefact for the first month), having 3x 70k TT Ghost hammers was such a beautiful thing to see in travian once again. 2018 was the year of the goat, the gilded one thats for sure.

    he took on and defeated the BD meta, the CC meta with only himself and platypus in the NE quadrant, 2 v 300 no wonder he was rank 1 robber, rank 1 attacker by 4 million points! and platypus was rank 1 defender by over 2 million points!

    you really cant go past try to stop us for the legend of 2018. The Undefeated Gaul!

    not to mention he has the best travian videos on youtube! seriously check out his channel.


  • i Vote for @ [ Cwl } Brezzok for his outstanding leadership and offensive action. Leader of Legendary allaince CWL and GOATS

    FINALS :-Hamster.. BAD.. CERBERUS.. <3


    Action Speaks Louder Than Words

  • Let me tell you a story.

    Once upon a time, in the midst of travian universe, there was a great Guild of Slackers who fought over the dominance of North Eastern end of the most popular travian world, com1. Slackers were confident they would not need to adjust their sluggish playstyle, but they were caught by surprise by Ronin, a contender for the most wanted throne in travian. Slackers were not pleased to see a challenge so close to them so they, and especially their leader, decided to make diplomacy the art of winning. So was born the everlasting team of SGR, Slackers Guild Ronin.

    Over the years they fought foes with pride and honor, but for so long they didn't achieve what they most desired.

    For so long they came back every year.

    For so long they tried and failed.

    For so long they tried and became the laughing stock of other great teams.

    After years of humiliation, the Supreme Leader of Slackers made a decision. Enough is enough. There would be no more jokes about Slackers. No more facerolling on the Slackers. No more shame with being a Slacker. 2018 would be the year when Slackers come back stronger than ever and take back what belongs to them.

    After so many losses, the Slackers were small in numbers. Their leader sent out his minions to recruit new members to the guild and spy on potential new enemies. The task was immense and time was short. com1 would be the next world to restart so Slackers spread out to other worlds to make new friends.

    The task didn't go as planned, but neither did the overmind of travian restart com1 on time. The time grew longer and longer, and eventually the minions came back to report to their supreme leader.

    The first minion brought a group of elite defenders who called themselves as "SH Team".

    The second minion brought a group of newbies from Ruthless.

    The third minion brought some skilled hammer builders who would break records.

    The fourth minions brought some reinforcements and intel from com6.

    The fifth minion brought a group of Wicked Americanos.

    The Supreme Leader was pleased. His plan had worked.

    When the time came, Slackers were stronger than ever before. Their team was prepared to anything and everything. Their groups were planned and tasks were assigned early on. Nothing would stop them from taking on the throne that Villains had occupied for two years.

    But little did they know, Villains had united with another champion, from world 6.

    The Supreme Leader was deeply disappointed. He did everything he could but once again the enemy seemed too strong. For the second time in his long life, which presumably begun in Jurassic era, the Supreme Leader thought of quitting. He thought:

    "The enemy is too strong...

    Our defenses are too weak...

    We promised a great round of travian...

    I can't bear another humiliation."

    In his deepest moment, someone whispered to his ear:

    "Look to the South and you will find your answer."

    The Supreme Leader was confused. He could not understand what the voice in the shadow meant. He could only notice oases and a brave Wolf who crossed the border to South East. His eyes could't deliver a clear picture of the map, but when he zoomed out, The Supreme Leader realized what he was told.

    He remembered what was done in the ancient worlds on travian. He remembered what he had done. There was only one way this could end.

    The Supreme leader took his fossil keyboard and begin to write. He knew that this is the right thing to do. The only thing, if Slackers are to keep their pride.

    The supreme Leader prepared his command. The command that would turn the power of the Gods of travian on their side. He was careful with his words. The diplomatic approach with TEN must bear fruit, just like with Ronin. The Supreme leader finalized his text, read it out loud, and was pleased with it. He pressed enter, and the message was sent. It said:

    Calm, I'm here

    I would like to nominate Mazzini, Marduk_COM aka mazzi , as the Legend of 2018 for most awesome leadership there is. His persistency in coming back year after year regardless of his team's strength is admirable. After many years of trying and failing, he finally led the Slackers to sweet victory.

    PS. Mazzi lost artie :O

    PS(2). He also built a solid WWK while also leading us: https://goo.gl/KXhoUM

    Zioe | WILD | com1 2013

    The Stranger | GOATS | com1 2014

    SuperAidMinion | WILD | com5 2014

    OswaldCobblepot | SGR | com1 2016-2017

    Random Variable | SGR | com1 2018 + many other servers

    aka. Valt

  • yup those were sick plays

  • Brezzok aka pete -----very active meta leader and wise offense coordinator . One of the best i played with in years . Such a team player

    would give his life for you :)

    Twista! you alive, awesome!

    My nomination extends out to my favourite noob and co-leader, BREZZOK a.k.a. Peter Smith.

    Amazing guy, well deserved to be in this top as he is a real worker, motivator, leader, spammer, oups.

    Love you, Brezz! cheers.

    Crush, Kill, Destroy!

    Hear No Evil (Chaotic War Lords / GOATs) :wolf:

    respect for Wild, GoDz, IM, SGR, Gold, Infamous, REST, Dacia, AoW, MC, etc.
    Miss those good old pro players.

  • Imagine a world where people would understand that nominating a person more than once, does absolutely nothing.

    I would like to nominate Templar Knight , he may not be active on the forum anymore, but he is The COM Legend....Therefor he deserves to win the title imo.

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  • Spoke like a true lemon team player.

    This is a community game, correct?

    Travian is a persistent, browser-based, massively multiplayer - expansion of it and especially, growing to a 15 year legacy already, thanks to the community.

    P.S. All of us can read rules and terms - nowhere is it forbidden for members of the travian community to nominate the same person [COM] Legends Awards 2018

    cheers and have a nice day.

    Hear No Evil (Chaotic War Lords / GOATs) :wolf:

    respect for Wild, GoDz, IM, SGR, Gold, Infamous, REST, Dacia, AoW, MC, etc.
    Miss those good old pro players.

  • Imagine a world where people would understand that nominating a person more than once, does absolutely nothing

    While it is annoying to see the same name spammed over and over again with each of them describing same things in a different manner... when the votes are out there's gonna be only 1 Brezzok, not 4295874 of them, so I don't really see a problem with the situation.

    That being said...

    Not taking anything away from the man though, is probably a great guy that did great things, just it's slightly getting overkill. The main issue here is many will vote and nominate only people they know, despite if others have done equal or more influencing things which required a lot more effort/time.

    As all community votes in every game, they're strongly based on how many friends one has and how known he is, rather than solely based on achievements.

  • I'd like to nominate Lemon , because in his own mind, he'll always be the greatest legend there is.

    In my own mind? Fairly sure it's common knowledge that I will always be known as the greatest legend there currently is and have ever been.

    Next time you talk about me, please refer to me as God, The Legend or Sir Lemon. If you refuse, you will feel my legendary wrath.

  • Just like last year when you saw you can't be COM legend so you had to apply in Denmark instead? :/

  • CATEGORY: The Legend of 2018

    PLAYER: Try To Stop Us

    WHY: I have seen his style of playing in YouTube and later found out the achievements that were not out of cheating or multi-accounts. The guy is an absolute beast at this Gaul account and truly an inspiration for players like me. Though I come from small UK server the account surely made me step into the com world against the huge players. And my first post in this forum is a nomination for him :saint: .

  • My vote goes to Pete from brezzok account in com4, very nice offensive leader, smash whole enemy with his tactics, we are only 60 - 70 players who rock in the whole server, a very nice old man,

    Love you Pete

  • I nominate Brezzok aka Peter Smith, Amazing guy who puts his heart and soul into the game and his teammates. He has invented his own motivational language called "brezzokish" which he uses in such extent that he probably has forgotten the english he was thought at school ;) Some people claim they can translate this language but to be honest how can you translate true passion ??? You have to live it to understand it ;)