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    Members of the Travian Team works on a voluntary basis and are therefore not available 24 hours a day.

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  • Com4, GOAT Z. DJ and a Song. (Can't post names on forums, but you know which dual this is about ;) ) The sheer amount of MM's that have made us all smile, while still serving a purpose and being informational is awe inspiring. Not to mention one of the greatest undertakings in all of travian, creating the first travian Navy! You definitely have inspired many of us, if only the forum allowed names i would post your MM's.

    Sender: DJ and a Song

    Subject: SECRET MM#1 - DO NOT OPEN

    Hush - quiet shhhh !!

    Do not tell others about this MM. Their MM might be different from your MM.

    The Leaders have determined that Travian needs a shake up and we GOATS will be the ones to do it. An examination of the map shows large bodies of water that we must circle around to get to our targets. Clearly this is inefficient and tiring.

    Therefore, we intend to create the first Travian navy. We are not going around anymore, we are going through.

    We need volunteers. Only the most daring will be taken.

    If you would like to make history,

    If you would like to have more fun than anyone else on this server. Then I urge you to volunteer and join the Goat Navy.

    With our new navy we will be crossing those moats and climbing those castle walls in no time.

    To volunteer, send a message to DJ and a Song. Attention: Sandra.

    Indicate that you want to join and I will put you on the list. Rolls will be assigned soon. We need to hurry and get this done before plans come out.
    (Francois, my dual, is not aware of this so be sure to message me only)

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  • example of mms of above


    DJ and a Song




    14.01.19, 06:35

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    It has come to our attention that some of you are referring to Captain Pete as “That Old Fart” when his back is turned. This is rude, inappropriate, and bad for morale. This must stop at once. Henceforth, when talking behind the Captain's back, you shall refer to him as that “Old Captain Fart.” And salute when you say it.

    We checked in with Uragon and he says that swimming lessons are going well for Dubs and Mufassa. Next week he intends to throw them in the deep end of the pool. Hang on to those floaties guys. Soon you will be doing swan dives off the high board. Although we are wondering who posted that odd sign beside the pool:

    Swimming in the swimming pool

    Is where I like to "B"

    Wearing underwater goggles

    So that I can "C"

    Yesterday, before I swam

    I took a cup of "T"

    Now the swimming pool has become a swimming _ool

    Because I took a "P"

    Guys, we don't swim in your toilet, so kindly refrain from peeing in the deck pool. Honestly! Kinda wish SailorJ was back on duty. No Mercy even when he thinks he quit but he hasn't.

    To keep you up to date, let's take a look at some of those nice hits coming from Dim. Dim is one of those quiet players that you have to watch out for. He never goes around anything, because he is going through. When his cannon roar - - - - - - -

    00 attacks 6.1

    00 attacks 00. WW Village

    That is 2 WW that he cleared - WOW !! Thank you Dimitris of Gral. Note that he got over 1 million attack points in 1 week. The natives are quaking.

    And then there is Company. He loaded in the grape shot and sent wave after wave after wave. Before he was done, the island sank beneath the waves and was seen no more.

    02.Company attacks [?]

    02.Company attacks [?]

    02.Company attacks [?]

    02.Company attacks [?]

    ETC. And ETC.

    Keep hitting the enemy and send me the reports. If you need a target, contact Captain Pete.


    (it is confirmed that Francois is reading my messages. I am hiding out in the crow's nest. Move over Ravi. Anyone need a new dual? )


    I am captain pete :P..the old fart

  • nominate my self ....com 4 brezzok

    got enemy leader on the day of arti release to give me the unique boots they took from natar

    for nothing but the threat of cats coming his way LOL

    one of my best diplomacy acheivments

    joke i want sandra DJ song to win ...but was still a great achievment :P

  • This is the Christmas Message from Sandra on DJ and a Song of GOAT alliance on com4. I would like to nominate her, my dual, and her MMs for keeping the team entertained in 2018-2019. Her forum name is Galaxysong_COM

    Twas the Night

    Twas the night before Christmas and BAD is a wreck

    They know that GOATS are giving them heck

    The players no longer log in to see

    They know they are farms, with nowhere to flee

    The Goat Kids are nestled all snug in their beds

    While visions of victory danced in their heads

    With Marleen in her kerchief, and Oscar in his cap

    Have just settled down for a long winter's nap

    The Animals are hiding back in their caves

    While BadGaul and Dark Lord, are digging their graves

    What horrible leaders, plotting and seeking

    A way to beat Goat hammers, who are always attacking.

    When what to our wandering eyes should appear

    But enemies marching and coming too near

    More rapid than eagles, the catas they came

    Looking for their brief moment of fame

    The enemy rumbled into our quad with a bound

    Oscar and Marlene must bring them down

    They call up the praets and add on the spears

    Go Talon, go Force, go Golem – No Fears

    Animal eyes how they pulsate

    So blood shot and gory

    This blasphemous NTO creature

    So filthy and hoary

    They came at Goat throats with their grim claws extended

    But the anvils were there, and saved its victim intended

    They screamed with a fiendish sound, as hammers splatted

    And slunk back to their quads whipped and wounded

    And I heard Goats exclaim as they fled out of sight

    "You've done it now, get ready to fight !

    Goat anvils are strong, but our hammers are too

    Peter is on the job, “We are coming for you."


    To all Who celebrate Christmas, we wish you a joyful holiday

    And to all Goats everywhere, we wish a blessed day with cheerful hearts

    From Sandra & Francois

    DJ and a Song

  • I would like to nominate Kelsier (vydel) from the donald trump account for all the things he contributed on com4 to make a great server for myself and others, even if we had to quit way to early for our liking due to personal issues, that run will always be remembered for me as one of the funniest runs ive had, from fun igms, to tweets on wallpaper to official forum post announcements, he was a legend when making them all.

    Will be missed.

    Check out some of our press-conferences here:

    [Official] Operation: Zachary Quinto [Classified] - LEAKED!

    [Official][Statement] The Downfall of {WN**} {August 4th, 2018}

    [Official][Press Conference] Declaring Party Affiliation {August 12th, 2018}

    Ive sadly not screenshotted the tweets that were made, but im sure some of you remember these.

    Some people gets born with unlucky brains.

    Jimmy is one of them

    Resident scapegoat

  • i loved trump

    but he was on server for few weeks at start

    pity as i miss his forum posts

  • i loved trump

    but he was on server for few weeks at start

    pity as i miss his forum posts

    i miss the server very much, was fun, we played for one and a half month? dont remember, but i still think vydel deserves this award because of all these posts, atleast made the day for a couple of com4-ers

    Some people gets born with unlucky brains.

    Jimmy is one of them

    Resident scapegoat

  • I'd like to nominate Obi-Wan. He was my co-OC on com1. While we took turns/wrote our OP result MMs together, I don't want to be nominating myself, so I'd like to nominate him for the OP results MMs which have all been shared on the forum through the round, as seen here:

    Slacker OPs

    As well as multiple insightful comments in the WW thread for the server, not to mention his extensive and detailed end of server analysis, available here:

    Com1 Server Analysis

  • I would like to nominate wishmaster3 for the inspiration Award 2018.

    He has been a big inspiration for me throughout 2018, not sure I would even be on the forum, if it wasn't for him. (This nomination has nothing to do with him being sad of not being nominated in any of the categories so far)


  • Awww, thank you. I would happily accept the nomination only if it is on behalf of the OC team. This was the most fun I had in com1 by far - writing distinct stories about ever single OP (10 in total). And most importantly, finding the appropriate war song with wishmaster3. Detailed analysis of these ops are also given in the link mads provided too - and himself contributed to these hugely as well.

    Noel, 8:13 PM

    She breaks my heart, I break their armies

  • I like to vote to SANDRA dual in Account "DJ and a Song" com4

    For his best shinnies MM's

    1 of the MM from her


    05.01.19, 06:34
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    We have a winner from our first contest. Mufasa almost correctly translated Captain Pete's message and received the reward of getting to name Pete's capitol for the week. This is the new name of Pete's village. 00 BrownPantsFactor ‭(‭−‭20‬‬|‭10‬)‬. Great job with the name and translation. The winning answer was:

    Feliz año nuevo Happy New Year

    no más de 1 barril de grog cada uno No more than 1 barrel of grog each

    हम नए साल में उत्तर की ओर रवाना हुए Go North in the New Year.

    Tieni le tue palle lucidate. Non sparare finché non vedi i pantaloni marroni. Keep your balls shiny. Don't fire until you see brown pants.

    2. We have a new recruit. His name is Stephen. Welcome aboard Stephen. You may notice that Stephen is a bit of a stand out with his eye patch, peg leg, and hook on his hand. So I interviewed him.

    “So Stephen, tell us, how did you get that peg leg? “

    “A cannon blew off me leg,” answered Stephen.

    "And Stephen, how did you get that hook?

    “Arrgh--- It was sliced off by a sword in battle.”

    “And how about the eye patch?”

    “Oh that,” said Stephen. “A seagull droppin’ fell into me eye.”

    “You lost your eye to a seagull dropping?”

    “Well…” said Stephen, ” it was me first day with the hook.”

    so let's take a look at some of those battles that Stephen was in recently.

    Black Hole attacks [?]

    Black Hole attacks [?]

    Black Hole attacks [?]

    Black Hole attacks [?]

    Black Hole attacks [?]

    Black Hole attacks [?]

    Life on board continues to have a few ups and downs. This bit of grafitti appeared outside Marlene's mess hall.

    The coffee in the Navy,

    They say is mighty fine,

    It's good for cuts and bruises

    And tastes like iodine.

    It appears there is some dissatisfaction with Marlene's coffee. When told the crew was complaining, she responded that as soon as they send more crop and resources, the coffee will improve. Okay crew, I hope you got the message.

    Uragon is still green with sea sickness and this time, he didn't make it to the porthole. Call for SailorJ to bring his mop and bucket. No mercy.

    Ravi has started a GOAT newspaper, check the forums. I think he has the enemy completely baffled.

    To all GOATS on BOATS - sleep well as we sail through Travian seas. We don't go around, we go through


    (Continue to send battle reports,.let me know how the voyage is going for you, and suggest a contest. Mark them to Sandra so my dual won't find out what i am doing. Though I think Franocis has been opening my IGM. He is looking at me strangely and wondering if I can be trusted with the account)

    Oscar has developed a grog problem, but we will save that for next time.

    thanks Sandra for ur lovely MM's

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  • Oh, Sandra from DJ And a Song (Com4) for her creative and Insipring MMs . Enjoy the 100 gold lol :P

    Oh did i forgot Shammybear for being the glue of our team when everything was falling apart like it was 1947 ?

    Ex CWL, SG, Wild

    Com4 (2018-19) - The Force [Goats]

    Qualifiers (INT 2019) - Space Force [EXODUS]

    Finals (2019-18) - Mighty Geese [EXODUS]

    Com2 (2020-21) - Timepass [Goats]

  • Немного перепутал номинацию :-)

    Надеюсь все простят что сначала на русском, перевод будет ниже. Скорее всего корявый машинный.

    Мой кандидат "Кеша" на данный момент с https://finals.travian.com сервера, играю уже третий год с ней. Отличный идейный вдохновитель. Координатор. Переговорщик, находит общий язык не только с русскоязычными игроками. Ну и просто симпатичная девушка.

    I hope everyone will forgive you first in Russian, the translation will be lower. Most likely clumsy machine.

    My candidate "Kesha" at the moment with https://finals.travian.com server, playing for the third year with her. Excellent ideological inspirer. Coordinator. Negotiator, finds a common language not only with Russian-speaking players. Well, just a pretty girl.

  • Inspiration 2018 38

    1. Galaxysong_COM (19) 50%
    2. Wishmaster3 (11) 29%
    3. Obi-Wan (7) 18%
    4. Kelsier (vydel) (1) 3%

    Vote for the Inspiration 2018!


    Members of the Travian Team works on a voluntary basis and are therefore not available 24 hours a day.

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