[Anglosphere] Vote: The Legend of 2018

  • We invite you to nominate players who achieved distinguished results in their building / offense / defense / coordination tactics. Defeated most enemies, built the biggest army or greatest empire ever. Been the most successful leader or coordinator.

    More information here: [Anglosphere] Legends Awards 2018

  • I would like to nominate myself from ANGLOx:

    I managed to lose a village to the natars in the grey, but wait there's more.

    I also was able to eat 13 ambien, stayed awake for 36 hours, then broker a peace treaty between IDTS and UGR. Pylus_US can attest to this from the IDTS side.

    On Christmas Eve I drank a 750 of Titos and with some forum trolling managed to get 75 percent of PRO-X active on the forums again. Bernard_US can attest to this one.

    FadedPaanda was just Paanda before this round but with a little peer pressure he got very Faded very fast.

    I was able to swindle Lemke1223 into moving from Sweden to the Balkans just cause the time zones matched up better to dual with Loki and Multi.

    I even convinced the Aussies to try their hands out at war again. I told chubb_AU there were no Emus in this game so their was no need to be afraid! (who doesn't love an 'emu war of 1932 reference?)

    I'm not saying this to brag but rather to inspire the next great generation. I accept all the praise you give me and will accept this award with honor and dignity.

    Its a slow day at the office

  • I nominate Migosa (anglox, Beta, usx)

    Hands down the most improved player in 1 year than I have ever known. He came to IDTS as his first server got chewed up by HELL. Ever server since he has improved, becoming one of our go-to guys for many ops, questions, advice etc. Every server since his first he has ended as top 10 rank, has built decent WWK's, has joined our leadership team, conducted many sensible defense calls, lead ops, assisted with strategy and so on. The amount of effort he puts into each round is insane, even if feeling burnt out at times he definitely deserves a nomination for his continuous hard work.

  • I nominate Duvessa..aka Veruca Salt/Bonnie..anglox/usx...She is a Leader of IDTS and as one of the main members of Team Wonka this girl does it all. While cross sitting 2 accts that that see constant action..also manages to grow her acct to a monster as well!..always has a huge army...always has extras when you need it..always there when you need a sitter..she is tireless...and most important of all..she puts up with Me and TG!...But that's not all!..She also makes leadership desicions for the most hated alliance in Travian...Helps keeps arties moving in order...holds the WW when asked and I could go on and on...The girl is a warrior saint...and deserves to be acknowledged as a legend!

  • I would like to nominate 14p for a legend of 2018 for his unprecedanted achievements on past uk1 server and few others he played. His spawn hammers were so scary he made people demolish their villages before he even attacked them. Not to even mention his large deff troops number and amazing main hammer which mostly constituded of TKs because clubs are for weak players. He always responded to deff calls with his massive teut deff anvil.

    Only bad thing i can say about that him is, that he was never on time with his troops, always 10 minutes too early.

    Let's be real, he is already regarded as a legend on travian servers by everyone so it is only fair that he gets official title aswell.

    Ladies and Gentlemen, i present you johnny_og_ole .

    True Legend of this travian realm.

    Anglosphere 6 - Lucky Charms --------- luckily dualing with PabloTheGod:)

  • I would also like to nominate johnny_og_ole - The true Travian legend.

    Greatest player that most of us have ever played with and everyone knows about him and his skills. Built some of the greatest, most destructive hammers ever seen. People don't even try to defend against him anymore, he's just that good. Pretty much single-handedly won us the last UK1 server - ask anyone involved.

    There really isn't much more needed to be said, as everyone else already knows it.

  • Com1 Legends.

    I nominate: Tonzofgunz
    Held and won with 2 WW !!!
    I don't know that that has ever been done before. ? (anyone?)
    He was smart, savvy, helpful to others, while clearly he had a lot on his plate.
    It was an amazing coordinated event, that I was glad to be a part of,
    and an unbelievable, smashing great victory over Villanz.

    TONZOFGUNZ !!!!!!

    Good Hunting all. ~advwolf

  • The Legend of 2018 55

    1. Tikopia (6) 11%
    2. marz (5) 9%
    3. Migosa (0) 0%
    4. Duvessa (aka Veruca Salt/Bonnie) (11) 20%
    5. johnny_og_ole (33) 60%

    Vote for the Legend of 2018!

  • Its been done several times on .us Ive done it twice and I know my dual has done it at least once as well.

    The power of Murdok......
    wow i love that Murdok guy he ain't even a Mh anymore but i am still scared he will ban me lol

    ... Reputation and respect are earned, not given, no matter how big your ban-stick may be. He ain't no Murdok.

  • US1 R7. Murdok.

  • It's a landslide victory for Johnny!

    It's good to know that 60% of all Travian players recognise his greatness!

    Enjoy the mouse pad Johnny, you legend!

    What reports are you meant to show off if you're a defensive player? :(

    My name is Alex, not Mark :)