In game objectives reduction suggestion?

  • *Sorry if this has already been suggested or even implemented into the game.

    If over all player numbers are getting lower, are bringing the servers to together doesn't work, maybe you could make the gameplay more competitive?

    By reducing in number of artefacts, WW plans and WW locations?

    I'm not sure I even like the sound of my own idea here, could make the game harder and more pressure to be part of better team (which can be hard to get into). Any thoughts?

    can a mod please move this to the idea section, sorry I just seen it myself

  • By reducing in number of artefacts, WW plans and WW locations?

    It's usually corresponding with the situation on the server regarding army sizes.

    So less popular servers with smaller accounts have less than highly active and aggressive servers.

  • That's just the defense, Wolkenengel.

    I have no idea if the suggestions of less WW's, less artefacts and less construction plans will work or not.

    It could just trigger more apathy because "we're not gonna waste time, the others will be there sooner anyway"

  • "we're not gonna waste time, the others will be there sooner anyway"

    yeah maybe only 4 WWs, either you got to fight harder for one or team up with others to overcome? (I don't think we have the numbers to reach the META alliances we once had eg LEGION1 to LEGION8 with 50+ players in them and all Confed'd up)

  • Reducing the number of artefacts and plans should definately be considered. On uk4, all active players pretty much got a large or unique each, which has had a pretty large impact in itself, since it was that much harder to threaten them. A quick estimate says half the large/uniques are sitting in pseudoactive accounts by now.

    On the other hand I believe that artefacts should be reworked and integrated in the hero mansion / hero equipment based on quests. Simply make daily quest points a resource to purchase adventures and other stuff, and make large / uniques part of epic adventures that are crazy expensive, and requires troops to follow the hero. Small artefacts should just be merged with hero equipment, and of course reworked to fit better. The recruitment hats are stupid, as an example, since you basically equip them, queue troops, then switch back to whatever, they should obviously have a passive effect that only worked when equipped. For large / uniques, there are also incredibly many options to make them more interesting, by basing them on buildings that already exist. An example could be that light cavalry is invisible in the defender's rally point like scouts, or that attacking scouts would kill defensive ones in a proper ninja battle, or something that affects merchants, constuction speed, resource production, whatever. Uniques would truly feel unique this way. But maybe these are ideas for a new variant, and not something to consider in legends.

  • I don't agree with the attacking spies killing defensive spies.

    A good spy operation goes unnoticed.

    Dead spies is a big alarm, and if troops die in battle there is a report.

    So that would mean no spying would ever go unnoticed, ever again.

    If you just let them die without a report, the crew will be flooded with questions about why they suddenly just lost spies.

  • It was a unique artefact, that allowed spy battles to work like regular battles with losses on both sides, and both sides got a report. At least that's what I imagined. Balancing would probably be needed anyway since it would be a massive overhaul of several systems. On the other hand, equipment have barely been touched since it was introduced with T4 8 or 9 years ago. Artefacts, apart from a few nerfs, are exactly like they were when introduced in T3.6. And there's plenty of room for balancing and variety in both categories. At the same time, the hero mansion is obsolete as a building after they introduced the new heroes in T4, that's why I suggest combining Treasury and Hero Mansion to a single building, and integrate daily quest, adventures, artefacts, all of it. This would probably require the ability to move artefacts between own villages without attacking yourself though, but that should be simple to implement and balance, both costwise and regarding duration.

    Uniques could probably be done with a hard timer like uberdiablo. Assume buying an artefact mission costs 100 daily points, then a unique artefact spawns every 1k times. Then put it in everyone's hero mansion to discover and make something hardcore about it. Could be that you send your hero with troops on a mission, then all troops fight to the death 24 hours later, and the earliest arriving hero with adequate treasury/hero mansion from the surviving alliance walks away with the artefact. This way it would also ensure game balance relative to population. A new category of consumable artefacts could also be created, that would give permanent updates but be crazy expensive to research. Imagine getting a permanent speedbuff to your EI's, or a permanent combat value bonus to the village, or whatever you can imagine. Do you start researching right away and hope for defenses, or do you move it around some, waiting for the enemy to stop faking it. Choices have to be made.

  • Equipment was balanced on new servers starting on and after 1-1-2019.

    Will reply more later, first some ZZZZ’s