End of Server Awards

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  • Hi everyone,

    With the GoT win i thought it would be a nice idea to have an award thread, and so i have nicked the standard text - so lets get it rolling.

    IGN (single or dual-account):

    Your Set-up and Achievements:


    Best Alliance (Not your own):

    Best Player on the Server:

    Best Offensive Player in your Alliance:

    Best Opponent (offensive):

    Best Defensive Player in your Alliance:

    Best Opponent (defensive):

    Best Leader (Your own):

    Best Leader (Not your own):

    Stupidest Decision:

    Most Underrated:

    Best Noob:

    Most Overrated:

    Biggest disappointment:

    Memorable Moment of the server:

    Soundtrack to your server:



    (I'll post mine after the first post so as to not double post)

  • Alright let me be the first to post here

    IGN (single or dual-account): Morph (dual with Brandon)

    Your Set-up and Achievements: Defensive. First to reach 1 million teuton spears in my alliance (probably server wide as well). Broke HoF record with 2 million defense points. And one of the only two people to cross the 2 million marker for defense points

    Alliance: GoT

    Best Alliance (Not your own): S4TW

    Best Player on the Server: Depends on what category we going for. Everyone of the top players did an excellent job cannot say one name

    Best Offensive Player in your Alliance: Hulk, definitely hulk

    Best Opponent (offensive): Was not much into offensive so not sure who did the most from the opponent side, I do remember a massive hammer from either MM or S4TW, award goes to him/her

    Best Defensive Player in your Alliance: Sadly, I wanna be the best defensive player, but Tazar got this achievement since we were out of gold and got lazy :D

    Best Opponent (defensive): Mr. Muffin

    Best Leader (Your own): If I do not write Amers (motay) name he will not talk to me for days :D

    Best Leader (Not your own): S4TW leadership

    Stupidest Decision: Getting lazy and not spending money when we were 150k troops ahead of Tazar :D

    Most Underrated: Amer, although his hammer hit an iron mine on the WW, he was bashed around a lot for it. Not his fault the WW went to 0 before his hammer arrived

    Best Noob: Amer, he hit a iron mine with massive hammer on WW :D

    Most Overrated: Amers Hammer :D

    Biggest disappointment: Didnt make number 1 on defense :'(

    Memorable Moment of the server: The first time our spear count reached 1 million, or Amer hitting Iron mine

    Soundtrack to your server: Not much into music, so sorry :)

    UK2 Round 11 - IGN BranStark - HoF holder for Overall: Rams (rank 3 on round completion)

    UK3 Round 10 - IGN Morph - HoF holder for best players (def) (rank 2 on round completion)