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  • Hey, guys. I would like to share an idea i came up with while stressing with duals/sitters on overpopulated account.

    When there is more than one person on the account either by playing dual or having sitter, there's always a chance that someone will change your current village while you are trying to send chained attacks, or resources or do the npc or some other stuff...

    It can be annoying, and at some cases could pretty much ruin your operation, or waste tons of resources or even make you train some army in wrong village...

    A feature like "Pin current village" could be great for these occasions. When you are about to do something important and don't want to be interrupted by someone else switching village, just check the "Pin current village" option. With that action 2 things occur:

    1. Current village cannot be changed unless button is pressed again to "unpin"
    2. Button appearance changes, so all players logged in that moment could see that someone has "pinned" the village

    I'm sure great deal of travian community would be very grateful for this kind of feature, even putting it in gold club or travian plus could encourage some more people to buy gold in this game...

    Cheers guys, hope this could be considered in the future...

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  • Its a great idea but usually there is great deal of communication dual/sitters to avoid these things

    And as far as I know get an account run by multiple people is a loophole people use I can be wrong bout this though

  • We communicate a lot, but some things just slip by...and also when someone is clicking over phone its hard to monitor all these kind of notifications...

    And playing dual is completely regular as far as I know :D One player on multiple accounts on the other hand is not :D

    rs1 (2017-2018) Gnjurac
    rs1 (2017) KuKa i MoTiKa veni, vidi, vici (1/2)
    rs1 (2017) Game_over (1/2)
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