The Plague is spreading

  • I See EAGLES recruited a carpload of players from PK

    So a 2 quad meta already being formed in day 50 of the server..

    Guess they are already thinking of endgame.

    In other news

    Ajax is being as bold as its humanely possible, i guess hes already assumed that hes won the server ?


    Com4(2018-19) - The Force

    SpaceLizard and EarthlyGoat ;)

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  • i Run a defense account for Hear No Evil, Cuz s4 was almost over..

    I asked the same thing to Sandra and Francois, i dont think Gunners are the real gunners. Cuz they dont know them.

    IGN is SodiumChloride, Vehemently opposed the Recruitment of SW players, Outvoted 9:1 LOL

    Com4(2018-19) - The Force

    SpaceLizard and EarthlyGoat ;)

  • How did it go on So eagels, side project? Well you get the numbers in the south.

    How did it play out last time? Was it a north vs south end game?

  • i Am not a fan of 2 quad meta, definitely not in first 50 days

    but eagles is the only decent ally in SE

    and i have nowhere else to go.

    I have little idea of s1 but i think it was 2.5 vs 1.5

    with EFF losing and Gunners winning ? IM NOT SURE ABOUT THAT DONT QUOTE ME

    i do know that eff lost for the lack of WWKs and their largest being almost zeroed but prevented due to an artifact

    Com4(2018-19) - The Force

    SpaceLizard and EarthlyGoat ;)

  • Hello fan,

    Bold is not the right word for being certain of what is going to happen.

    Next time you want to adress me, use the fanmail option in my profile.


    Team Ajax

  • Tunex,

    Are you still playing? Isn't there an age max?


    nah , why would i quit the game , there are still enough n@@bs to kill 8o , besides 58y is not that old ... i hope :/

    it ain't over till the fat lady sings

    Horum omnium fortissimi sunt Belgae."

  • ofcourse recruiting everyone is our endgame goal, WWs are for noobs

    What account you may be in Lucky ? i think you are one of them "Best Players" :)

    Com4(2018-19) - The Force

    SpaceLizard and EarthlyGoat ;)

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