incorrect strenght calculation

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  • Strength calculation seems to be incorrect . see image

    Attack is 10 clubs 10 x 40 = 400 that not include smithy .

    on game calculation is 286. is that a bug or my calculation is wrong?

  • Basic attack strength for clubswingers is how you calculated it. I wondered if the calculation on the report was perhaps taking population into account. The defender is showing defence of 12 despite zero troops which will be a combination of defence points from wall and residence or palace. Combat strength may not be the same as attack strength. I looked on the help pages but they were no help. There seems to be much less information there than there used to be, I guess they are being updated to take account of changes to the game.

    I always use the same calculation for the HoF as all other sites, to double check I looked at a recent report, I calculated attack strength for the Hulk hammer from UK3 as 39,674,650. This agrees with kirilloid which calculated it as 39,675k.…kfQLlmRBMNCAyDAkMACCwVA8w

    Perhaps a travian spokesperson can get us a definitive answer? Administrator ? I would love an up to date calculator if one is available please.

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  • Base village defense = 10 as well Mercedes . So in this case the village has no wall and a level 1 residence or palace which will add up to 12 defense.

    Morale bonus is applied as penalty to the attack strength on these new reports.

    As for kirilloid attack strength measures, it only adds up the base attack power for all troops. It will be the same number if you input level 20 or level 0 on the troops, and adding a hero with 20% offense bonus will not change that value either. This is fine for comparing attack strength for the HoF as you have done before.

    The new report info does factor in everything from smithy upgrades, hero bonus, metallurgy and even the morale bonus penalty, so you cannot use this value to compare strength between hammers for HoF. But it is useful in game to see exact numbers, and can be used to figure out the smithy upgrades/metallurgy bonus of your opponents.

  • Lerajie thank you, that’s a brilliant answer. Do you know where you can get more info on the actual numbers?

  • Hello!

    The information we have is that everything is calculated in the new report statistics, as Lerajie wrote.

    Right now, we unfortunately don't have more information but I will ask for it and get back to you when I have more to tell you.

    Kind regards,


  • Wow, I didn't realize that the new reports effectively show you the upgrade levels of enemy troops. I wonder if that will turn out to be a significant change, or just an easier way to see what you could have worked out playing with kirilloid?

  • A really basic example relevant to this thread:

    Let's assume Marcilud had 1000 pop at the time of this attack, their farm had 187 pop, clubswingers were level 0 in smithy, and neither player benefits from any metallurgy bonus. Then the calculation would look like this:

    (10*40)*(187/1000)^0.2 = 286.04 attack strength. (187/1000)^0.2 is the morale penalty that large attackers get against smaller accounts, this is capped at -33% attack strength. In this example it was -28.5%.

    A good source of information on combat calculation is this thread: Combat System: Formulas
    I hope this is the answer you were looking for, I wasn't sure what else you might want to hear.

    I am personally most excited about this feature because kirilloids simulator can't replicate every scenario when heroes are involved, so the new report info should be useful for that.

  • Hello again,

    we have now got confirmation that the combat strength does include all factors that affect unit's strength in battle. The value is therefore different to what we are used to from Kirilloid and other online tools.

    The "morale bonus" (when attacker has more population than defender) is also included. The morale bonus does not increase the value of defender units, but it lowers the value of attackers. This means that attacking units combat strength can be lower than their base attack * number.

    There will also be some tooltips added in game to the statistics, with a bit extra information that the values include all bonuses.