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  • Dear Community,

    Travian Games goals is to constantly work on improving the game experience. During last year we tackled various topics that the community was discussing for a long time, one of them being the defense points. Together with this topic we were also working on fighting exploits related to hero experience.

    In the past months Jake, our Game Designer and the QA team were working on changing some calculations on actions that the players were misusing.

    Around the end of December though something went not as intended in our process and we have implemented on the live servers one of the changes we were working on without communicating it to our community. We apologies for the missing information, and we will now try to make up for it.

    We found this out just today and we want to make sure the information and the change in the mechanic is clear to everybody.

    This change adjusts the way we distribute Hero experience during a battle. The amount of hero experience is now based on supply provided to the battle, similar as the given defense points.

    Here are 2 examples to make things clearer:

    1) An alliance defends a target in early-game with heroes only. There are no other defending troops involved. Each hero gets his/her fair share of experience.


    Player A attacks with 10 Theutates Thunders and 10 Phalanxes = 30 crop consumptions

    Assuming there are 10 heroes defending and all attacking troops get killed, since the supply is the same for each hero (6 crops) it means that each hero will get 10% experience out of the amount of total killed supplies. This means every hero will get 3 experience points.

    2) At an alliance defense-operation, one player sends his whole anvil including the hero, while another player only provides his hero. The player providing more supply than just the hero will get a bigger share of experience.


    Player A attacks with 10 Theutates Thunders and 10 Phalanxes = 30 crop consumptions

    Assuming there are 2 heroes defending of which one defends together 88 Phalanxes (100 crop supply in total) and all attacking troops get killed, the experience will be shared in a different way. The solo hero will get 6% of the experience share and the other hero which was sent with the phalanxes will get 94% of the experience. This means the solo hero will get 2 experience points and the hero with the phalanxes will get 28 experience points. We use mathematically rounding.

    We hope this clarifies all of your doubts, if not, feel free to ask 😊

    Your Travian: Legends Team


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