Moving buildings around from Main Building.

  • Hi.

    First of all I want to say that I really really love all many changes and additions the game has been getting lately and I hope to see more stuff come out if the future !

    Seeing that a lot of requested features are slowly being added, I decided to try to post this (although I am sure this has been asked before)

    My request is simple, let us switch around building locations in the village.

    Similar to how in the Main Building you can demolish buildings, add another feature to swap 2 buildings places (or even better let us re-position all our buildings from scratch :saint: )

    Personally it drives me crazy when I chief a village and buildings are in random positions. And I am sure some folks around would agree.

    So please consider adding a feature to move buildings around without having to rebuild them.

    Thank you :)

  • I usually don’t care that much about location but on PrP it is a nightmare because of new buildings design, unique for each race. Still takes me time to find townhall.

    Important that this feature if added as paid is not pay-to-win, it does not effect your game directly. Yet, many will be willing to pay for it, myself included.

  • I think this was suggested before about being able to move around the building, I will however add this to my weekly report.


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