Will 5x server be only once a year?

  • Simple question. :) Will 5x server be only once a year? as you have noticed, 1x servers are not so populer in these days. There are only some veteran players in 1x servers. New-generation do not want to play in a kind of slow server like them. Because they take about 9 months from our life! 9 months, 36 weeks, 270 days, we have to check our villages almost everyday in this period. After years, I saw this 5x server in the beginning of the year. That was a great chance for me to play Travian again. As with 3x servers, I think you should have a 5x server continiusly. I want to take your thoughts also. Thanks.

  • Agreed, and they can also have more 3x servers running, like as soon as one server finishes, another starts.

    I don’t know about all domains, but on the few that I actually am active, there are 3-4 x3 servers a year. With about 3 weeks between them

  • I would hazard a guess that darklight is meaning the next speed round starts the next day, and having more than 1 speed server active...each rotating restart (speed 1 starts jan 1st...speed 2 starts when arties are released on speed 1, speed 3 starts when WW plans released on speed 1 or arties on speed 2, whichever is first)

    Travian is very addicting...make it better...by making it MORE addicting.:thumbup: