[Anglosphere - AU NZ] #AskTravian - 13: The Grey Area.

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  • Dear players, you all saw that scary place in the centre of the map. But are you sure you know every secret that it holds? In the 13-th episode of AskTravian we will tell you about the famous Grey Area where Natar influence is stronger than ever.

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  • As those who have watched the entire #ask Travian episode 13 at the end we have been told about that next episode main topic would be artefacts

    So I had 1-2 questions in mind regarding it,

    1)Why doesn't the artefact of the fool doesn't give storage effect ?

    As we all are aware it changes its effect every 24hrs. And nowadays veterans especially,utilise it the best by conquering it again and again till they get desired effect this change is only for 12hrs account wide or village. If by sheer luck of random effect a big account can easily get the storage work done in 12hrs(with gold of course) if it's account wide.

    2) Why do we still have rivals confusion artefacts?

    Gone are the days when it was utilised with such great effectiveness where players with unique rivals used to chief hammers/villages right in the enemies stronghold. My point being the artefact that has lost its importance not many go for it and is the last choice of players

    Instead with game changing a New Artefact that raises the fighting power of army gradually by 0.5x to 1x or 2max depending for the time period it has been held by the account for the large one and for village for small will add more dynamics to the game especially WWK and gigantic anvils

    3)The artefacts spawning and numbers?

    The artefact spawning should become more random as they becoming predictable(have no idea with the map reduction it's still the same or not).

    As on the basis of that on many planned servers we were able to settle hammers and get players to settle cross quad for catapults support and able to pick it sooner than players in the quad itself.

    I wudnt say it was exploitation of the game but a strategy planned with past servers artefacts record.

    And the number of artefacts should be increased or decreased depending on the size of the server as the defence of the artefact is calculated using top hammers counts of the server just before release somewhat like that

    Calculate number of accounts over a period of weeks but random prior to artefacts release more players more artefacts less players cut them down which will make it competitive on the other hand many will have fair chance to get one especially new players( as for a child to play with a toy firstly must be given a toy)

    These are some questions/suggestions I would like to put forward.

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