Map issue

  • Have had map issues that started some month or two ago.

    It has started to really annoy me. Getting tired of going through the map and looking at villages where to send and so.

    here are some examples of how it looks like

    Villages split themselves often when zoomed out but sometimes when zoomed in:

    Water splits very often when zoomed out:

    And to the worst one. Things are not where the seem to be, just look here:

    This is literally every damn village on my map. Appearing out of nowhere. I cant even click the villages or oasis.

  • It happens when you resize your browser window after opening the map. That's at least one way I accidently triggered it before. If you aren't resizing the window, then I don't know that the trigger is for you.

    Something else for me. I'm always on full screen :)

    Its happening more and more frequently and the map is at some times unreadable. I hope the travian team is working on a solution or will work on a solution. It wasn't like this before as it started to happen some 2 months ago.