Com1 Restart Rumors

  • Yeah, you do. Kudos for scouters.

    The thing is, no one really cares anymore :S:*


    Damn! Your ghosters are so good that the TG couldn't live with it. I hear they made all our troops into ghosts! The crop minus is there, but you can't see the troops.

    "...If you can bear to hear the truth you've spoken

    Twisted by knaves to make a trap for fools..."

    ~That's a fine looking high horse~

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  • From what I understand, you had a rival like that and you decided to switch sides

    I played with SGR and a rammer from the rival side attacked own wonder. Left the server that day, after a chat with Mazzi in SGR chat, finding out he had been involved from the first day. For some of us that kind of play is a huge letdown.

    You fail to see many things, but I guess that's part of your charm

    For me it is all good not being all seeing, as long as I do my best to correct mistakes I may make. And I did. Did not see the CT betrayal coming last server. I made an error playing with SGR. But corrected my steps. Have enjoyed my team immensely this round.

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