Com1 Restart Rumors

  • Yes, within the particular group that carried out the action, not within CWL, nor within CWL leadership. We're talking something like 10-15 players, out of a 150+ player meta - though for sure, others sympathized with what Blaggers did. To turn your very argument around: leadership of Villains were clearly aware of the issues with CT, why did they not solve it? (this is merely to demonstrate the absurdity of the argument).

    How can I say something about Villains leadership last round, when I was playing for SGR?

    Thanks, that's all I'm asking - your self-professed lofty ideals only apply when it suits you. I doubt the issue on the birthday server had any effect on the outcome of the server too? Likewise, if you (or any other Villains player) believes that CT mattered for the outcome of the server last round, you're delusional (we're talking maybe a difference of 25 hours caused by CT in WW building, and we won by miles compared to that, likewise, Villains 0'd our walls regardless of CT, so it would only have meant a few more kills if he had launched on the SE WW as I think was planned?). So guess that you actually don't have any issues with any of these things, good to know.

    My self-professed lofty ideals apply all the time. Ask Blaggers. I believe SGR has some of them in leadership. As for the rest, you are talking about two different things. As to planted spies. You know as well as I they affect servers. Whole servers can be run over by plants in rival teams leaderships, and the outcome of the servers the result of that. As for CT last server, don´t think anyone is saying they did affect the outcome. But outcome of servers is not what interest me most. The road there being what matters.

    As for Blaggers. That group has some players I regard very highly. When I became aware of the decision made, the hammers were already rolling. My high regard of those players comes from their solid personalities, more than game skills. To have the hammers rolling I know they thought it was a just action. And from what I understand from your post, you thought so too. I personally had had more than enough of meteo´s child abuse comments that server and wasn´t involved in the chat anymore.

    But this is the absolute exception of the rule. Anyone but Meteo, and him attacking one of our players constantly with his children, and this would not have happened.

    Blaggers and Cursed Titans, or Juvenalis, are not to be compared. Blaggers were to be loyal to their meta from the start. Extraordinary circumstances and a leadership failing to solve a problem was what happened there. There are ample proofs of CT and Juvenalis being plants to betray their teams from the start.

    Final Word´s input in this forum was a surprise, was sure someone would get the idea he was supplying me with proof. Because that is what he did. Final Word did supply the thread with lies, but also material to read between the lines and confirmation of SGR leaderships involvement. The birthday server input came into this thread originally as an answer to Bat´s question about Vices integrity. I think Mazzi´s involvement with plant accounts 2 servers in a row does show both lack of integrity and a tendency to use plants. Noone has to just believe my words anymore. Everyone can see what Cursed Titans and Juvenalis have in common. Mazzi and SGR leadership.

    I have yet to see Vices players say CT was what made the outcome of last com 1. Have seen them outraged over the betrayal. As players for the opposite side last server, I and more people were as well. I think it is high time the spy game boys stop ruining servers for the rest of us.

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