T4.4 (petchofix) Release 306.1 (3850)

  • 2月20日21:00~10分程これらの修正を行うためゲームをご利用いただけません。ご迷惑をおかけいたしますが、ご協力をお願い致します。


    TRAIVBXXIV-6756 Resource rank in statistics is devided by "Per day" and "So far" (similar to Culture points rank).

    TRAIVBXXIV-6540 Set-to-minute instead of set-to-hour configuration of trade routes has been added. Send time and Receive time can be picked while setting up a new trade routes.

    TRAIVBXXIV-6812 Tooltip has been added to the Combat strength line in reports statistics.


    TRAIVBXXIV-6794 The wrong parameter message is not displayed anymore, when trying to exchange resources with the NPC merchant.

    TRAIVBXXIV-6851 When you log in to an unactivated account with email or nickname, you will be redirected to activation screen.

    TRAIVBXXIV-6864 Players who haven't activated accounts are not counted in the server statistics