Euro player with years of exp. in timezone CEST likes to Dual

  • Dear ppl,

    Vincent here, 26 years old. I've plyed this game up and off for about 10 years. Did lots of servers, won a couple. Also did lots of Duals with AUS/US ppl. I would like to Dual/triple with a AUS/NZ/US team, creating a TOP account, nothing less. I'll be your night shift. Tribe doesn't matter that much to me, I've played all. Willing to buy gold. Discord/skype contacts. For any 1x speed server. Also contact me if you just started a game.

    Please replay if you are intrested. Let's farm!


    From the Netherlands.

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  • Add me on skype


    Provide your skype as we..

    aisa q ?? :D:D:D:D

    ye le mera ^^

    COMQ 14 - Blackhammer ǀǀ FINALS 14 - CallmeMaster

    COMQ 15 - CallMeMaster ǀǀ FINALS 15 - BlackHammer
    COMQ 16 - Monster Machine ǀǀ FINALS 16 - Black Hammer
    COMX2 17 - Monster Machine ǀǀ FINALS 17/18 - BlackHammer
    DEX2 18 -
    Monster Machine ǀǀ FINALS18/19 - Monster Machine
    Monster Machine :evil:
    HMB© :evil: COT ™

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