Reports from battle field . Anglo 7

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  • Who could have guessed you would have pulled out the "this is not TT card"
    Sorry for interuppting your playground.

    Hope GoT is still a thing if we happend to play anglo again, would be fun to show you a proper alliance .

  • well if you ask me and same allies show up very first thing you will see is enemy reinforcing the ally you send attack on(doing a NAP/Confed)... and then you will also understand it exactly:D

    And beleive me sending siege to oasis also isnt the best thing to do, just past server I was doing same and Mully that server asked me why the hell i was sending 14k catas to kill poor animals and realised when we use that trick we keep updating even spies with our siege and even the exact time when they return.


  • Who could have guessed you would have pulled out the "this is not TT card"
    Sorry for interuppting your playground.

    Hope GoT is still a thing if we happend to play anglo again, would be fun to show you a proper alliance .

    Bringing your tech accs and scripts? :)

    cash me ousside, how bout dat?

  • took me a while to go through all the reports

    And commentary in our group room

    For I am Jon Snow - I know nothing but my enemies know even less

  • Woah. He knows me so well.

    Another day, another battle! And I'll tell ya, I've never been so scared of tiny hammers before!

    We're in the endgame now.. and every level matters.

    The first one is from ZeroTolerance. Knew he had something left but wasn't sure what so was kind of excited for this one.

    In conclusion: an impressive amount of rams for this first attack, but not enough cats to do damage. Targetting the WW may have been a bit too ambitious.

    Next comes DarkTeuton:

    Despite this having some potential of doing damage, I guess we lucked out since it was among the first. At least rams in front this time!

    Raffles! Going not for one but two Great Warehouses.

    Welcome back, Verde!

    P.s. do explain the story behind 'Blackjack' - does it have a meaning?

    To be continued...

  • If memory serves.. I recall Phunkey having at least 10k more surviving imperians in the most recent attack a couple of days ago.. I suppose it's a wise decision to split your army up. The others got this covered.

    But he seems to want both those Great Warehouses.

    And now we have proof: a King of Cars does not make a King of Wonders. I wonder if he ever found that 2nd one he was aiming for.

    Wheatster: just happy to be there.

    Already running out of things to say. Luckily next one is interesting!

    Woo! Good work Raziel, your hammer survived the village almost being zeroed and you took off a level of the World Wonder. Kudos are yours today!

  • We just weren't ready for this.. we weren't ready!!

    "Hit a GW and make it count double!"

    Maybe something changed and it really does pay off to aim twice on a wonder or warehouse?

    But nah I get it guys. Better to just suicide whatever than keeping them for after the end of the server right? Good effort.

  • It was a good plan, ya know? After taking out the Great Warehouse Va.. nil.. thing.. X was gonna go after the World Wonder too.

    Execution: 2/10.

    You know what.. Screw your croplands! Gonna make those defenders starve!

  • ^Had some potential! Not enough, but some.

    But jokes aside: 1 level of the World Wonder got chipped off by Raziel. All in all 21 players I count. The results are close to what we expected and probably good for OBV considering the cards they had left. What I do want to mention is that I like how OBV managed to get 21 players to send their armies, despite some being very small armies. It's nice to see commitment! If we could get some of that in the future we may be able to finish the wars we start.

    1 level is not enough, but it might help. The server is not over yet. I don't know if WW or Dei has anything at all left. who knows what might still come our way.

    The book of tricks isn't finished yet either so I'm not calling it a win until the fat lady sings. Or Detienne Swift

  • Looks better on the report if you kill two world wonders with one hit,

    I lol'd out loud on that one..

    Gotta be talented to look after 2 WW's simultaneously. Or crazy... Crazy seems more like it.

    The more I read of OdinLoki's posts, the more I want to play alongside him. Not for the results, as frequently good as they are, but for the sheer fun he seems to have at it. Would + rep if I could, man. Always enjoy reading your stuff... and mostly cringe at the results contained in 'em. :crying:

    Storeythor,most offensive/defensive account holder on the server.

    He's a nut and the more the odds are stacked against him, the better he seems to come out of it.

  • We just received confirmation over Skype that the Bahubali spy account formerly in DeI was a deliberately planted GOT multi-account. We've known this for months but now have a direct admission from the source.

    The same person volunteered to sit for several new players early in the server and most had their first game ended by being sabotaged from the inside and betrayed by what they thought was a friend. The account attempted to sow internal discord in DeI. The account was used to send abusive messages to members of other alliances to sow external discord.

    This isn't an accusation, this is a statement of fact: GOT have cheated deliberately and consistently in this server.

    Most of us in DeI would prefer to lose than cheat and win. Fairly sickening to see a premade meta with enough advantages in gold, numbers and experience to win comfortably STILL resort to cheating.

    Far from being regarded as a "legendary alliance", GOT are rightly seen as a dirty, cheating alliance.

  • A bit salty

    If rules were broken go complain.

    U r the biggest hypocrite on the server

    Talking about cheating? Atleast we dont use third party help and dont encourage the use of it in our alliance.

    Spying is not against the rules of the game

    Ww has spies obv alliance as spies

    Do u have jollies to call them cheaters?

    I guess not.. as i said you are the biggest hypocrites on the server.

    And for the record we have not won, server is too close to come to any conclusion....

    For I am Jon Snow - I know nothing but my enemies know even less

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