Reports from battle field . Anglo 7

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  • To be honest with you,first of all i dosen`t find where i can delete my forum account :)) and second...i can`t stay away from this drama

  • Verde if you truly wish to delete your account, please message either myself or either of the CMs. You can message Stellamini or Sommefuglen or myself for directions on how to delete your forum account. But you are also welcome to stay and enjoy the drama on the forums. Please explore other parts of the forum as well.

  • I don`t know what you heard in your life or not ,i know that i have told you something,i don`t know why you think everybody is a lier,i have no reason to lie,i don`t even know who you are and i don`t even care,i told you how it was and i thank you for your help,believe what you want and do what you want man ! good luck !

    that pic showed your ally were asking(or at-least thinking about) other allies to help, then you say you don't tell wrong stuff to your ally people, so now point is do you keep giving false stories to people in chatroom or PM whatever it was? Either you can be the person who always doesn't lie or the person who does so? what if there was no one to send these images out today?

    So at-least today did you tell other peoples in that room that it was just a fake comment to find some "spy" as you claim or they are still under delusion that server is backing them in war?:/

    .many of you will get destroy soon,hahaha,have fun as you wish !

    and I'm tired of telling people every other day, destroy the caps if you can, else just hitting feeder and partying over that never helps when you talk of actual war.... spawns are only good source of CPs thats bit far away from cap :)

    Truth is Del Sw knew they cant fight war thus was looking for quick Naps, if SWR had done Nap with Got(though we didnt needed), then what were their chances of winning? they just needed Nap with either SWR or GOT before those two create one

    Everyone knows Naps or confed are done in first 10 days of server, only by wings of same ally, or the allies too scared looking for a roof;)


  • Well,what i said was true,we even discover who was the rat there so...i don`t know what you`re speaking about,and about early game you know ? should i send attacks at 20+ hours or what ? you`re pathetic,raports will come soon or later...don`t worry about that,is a long long server,bye bye

  • Those prints are real.... the real context... only few knows.... but i tell you once... we play fair...we dont have spys on your skype/discord chats, or GOT alliances, we play travian as it is, but i can say it ( with print screens ) that those posts was made to see the leak... now we know.... shame to us that didnt find it before... lucky me... that i agree that those prints screens to be posted.

    Guys from NW or NE even from SE, knows that I didnt contacted them, for NAP or confederation against anyone... if someone post here one PRint that i did, in that day, my account will go delete... There are 2 persons ( one from SE and one from NW) that i write to them, but was just other messages, no even one word to be asking help, nap, or colaboration.

    For the rest of the talks, ... we are noobs, stupids, or how GOT can/want to call us, but we play fair, transparency.

    First contact was From my part 2 time, to Jon Snow, proposing colaboration...nothing happen, i search solution ... SWR guys where best local option, since we by that time, couldnt search option outside, since we didnt know who will play and how will play later.My first tought was to make SW strong, learning from past experience. Didn happen that.

    Than on forum GOT players said that DeI Sw are main threat, and that for them other quadrans dont count, until artifacts...

    How we play, is our desire, and i think that no one can say why we play on one way or other...never ran from an fight...nothing to hide... and respond here only when we where "hitted" ,

    I wanted to find something and find it... to late seems, but better late than never.

    Good luck,and sorry if my english is gramatical wrong... not my matern language.


  • .don`t worry about that,is a long long server,bye bye

    aren't you saying bye to us way too early?:P

    should i send attacks at 20+ hours or what ?

    don't you have a cap already next to you or you never noticed? really buddy check map when you get time:whistling:


  • I’m glad you consented thank you

    mate i dont know who you are.. but thank you . thank you so much.. i didnt personally have this, but it just gave my whole story the solid proof about the lies tcristi has been spreading and gave legality to what ever i have been saying.. dude.. who ever you are u r amazing.. thank you so very much.. #respect

    now they say it was said to weed out spies within del sw but if the same information is given by the other alliances, what was that for? to weed them out of what?? lolzz

    For I am Jon Snow - I know nothing but my enemies know even less

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  • Let’s face it del wanted to team up with everyone haha when no one wanted to work with them they come here to trash talk no big hits really just a few spawns hot notbig to special atall no caps hit

    Actions speak louder than words of words won the game del would defo win hahahaha

  • Just anouther finishing touch you have people openly trying to sell bots in your Skype rooms hahaha way to set a example hahah then when people complain about it you kick him then re invite him hahaahhhaha

  • OMG geoff please please do let the secrets out.. of the holier than thou del sw. i am clearly enjoying this now.. please do share more.. hahahaha

    this is EPIC.. !!!!! my goodness and all these talks ... really del sw really digging their own graves.. and anything that comes out of tcristi would now just be hilarious.. code red in del sw. trying to save their face.. building and feeding more lies to their members i guess trying to save their skin..

    For I am Jon Snow - I know nothing but my enemies know even less

  • That’s anuff secrets for one day I should think

    Tomorrow is a new day

    More lies and bs from Del

    More secrets from Geoff

    Might aswell have called this Geoff’s secret corner 8o8o

  • First of all you already start beeing "smarts" ,i love to watch when 2 smart people like eachother :))

    Second, This catapults waves are all on capitals(pyp c15 and ummagumma c9) every wave with 2 building down

    Just to show you how smart you are when you told me that we don`t attack capitals,cya

  • yes this is definitely Geoff's secret corner disclosing all the little dark and dirty secrets

    you are an honorary member of "Master of Secrets"

    For I am Jon Snow - I know nothing but my enemies know even less

  • Your "secrets" don`t help you or someone else with absolutly nothing in this game buddy :)) Big jon snow who don`t have troops to clear an oasis for his c15,an oasis wich i can`t even steal since is more then 3 fields far from my villages,he`s hero mansion is level 10 since i have take one 50% oasis from him,right ? Why he don`t clear this oasis

    Unoccupied oasis ‭(‭−‭91‬‬|‭−‭16‬‬)‬ and take it ? or you need help from you alliance to clear an oasis for you ? wow,who i`m speaking with,shame on me

  • Only proper way to solve this dispute.

    Verde vs Amer in a cagefight, no rules. Last man alive takes it all!

    Tickets 20€! Hurry before they run out.

    (I guess in a way, they are already in a metaphorical cagefight over that cropper)