[COM] Path to Pandora x2 speed!

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    Where the endless sand ends, where lava from the volcanoes turns into the ice of the glaciers, where nights are as bright as days because of the glows of fire on the ashes of Ancient Empire, where Natars are just a scary tale, where settlers and chieftains play one of the most important roles – this is where our path lies.

    Shu’s journey to distant lands, where no one heard about World Wonders, and where people would fight to death to get hold of the Ancient powers, that only wait to be awaken in the old cities, will continue on the Ides of March, the time, when ancient Romans normally concluded the ceremonies of the new year and when one of the most famous civil wars in Travian tribes history started.

    And, just like in ancient times, the civil war for the regions would continue with double speed and intensity, and 5 powerful tribes will be locked in the fight for the scattered lands, but only one alliance would prevail at the end. Many glorious battles are waiting for those who dare to choose the path of the heroes.

    The Path to Pandora.


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