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  • I hope this gets to Customer Support. A friend and myself may have screwed up. Here is what happened. One of our former alliance members on Travian Legends (altonso), decided to not play anymore and we were going to conquer 2 of his cities. He gave me his account password and the other person was named as his sitter. We both went to his account but now it says we cannot gain resources and our chieftains will not reduce loyalty because it says that both person's, myself(LordGran), and the sitter(Pakistani) play from the same computer so now we can't really do anything as far as conquering those cities. How do we fix this. And we are sorry if we violated any rules. We did not mean to. Please reply to either my account mail(LordGran), or to my registered email...

  • Password sharing is against the rules. You're only allowed to own and play on one account per server. You're subject to being banned (you're lucky you aren't banned straight away, but instead it shows as same computer usage).

    As for not being able to raid or conquer..


    As sitters/same PC usage, you can't conquer the person, and you can't raid the person if the account is smaller than yours (even the other way around, there are limits too).

    If you stop being sitters for the account, you will be able to chief the villages in 14 days.

  • As wishmaster3 pointed out, you can not conquer from a player you have been sitter or is same computer within the last 14 days. Beside that, password sharing rules can be found in the game rule §1.3.


    Members of the Travian Team works on a voluntary basis and are therefore not available 24 hours a day.

  • LordGran

    next time if villages are offered to conquer like this,

    make sure they give pass to a friend of yours (not just an imaginary one though) and transfer account to his email


    ask player to keep watching for some days wile you chief and make an alliance member sitter at the account going to delete...

    just to avoid these kind of problems.

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