[Anglosphere] Fact and Rumours Ts8 - Round 1*

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    On Thursday, February 28th, 2019, at 07:00 am UTC-4. (US servertime), starts Anglosphere 8, round 1.

    UK Start-time: 12:00 pm GMT. (UK)

    US Start-time: 07:00 am GMT-5. (US) servertime

    AU Start-time: 10:00 pm GMT+11. (AU)

    Pre-registration: There is no pre-registration

    Registration: https://ts8.anglosphere.travian.com/

    Version: T 4.4

    Speed: x1

    Name: ts8

    Map-size: 401 x 401 attention.png

    This is the fact and rumours-thread, but you don't have to write "Rumours says" in all posts...

    Use the thread to share any big and small happenings on ts8.

    This is not a discussion thread so please open more threads as needed.

    The best of luck to everybody!


    Thank you sommerfuglen for fixing the gremlins which broke it :)

    Now... shall we get the banter started kids? Who is the team to beat?

  • Your team probably

    a comedian.

    Be gentle vs the messis (TBC/TFK) if you crush them too hard they will massdelete after arts and blame cheats!

  • Will my Swede flag do the trick instead?

    Name your alliance Bifrost and they will run!

  • Good morning my fellow Travian citizens.

    I come today because not because I want to, but because I have to. I wouldn't be here if I didn't truly want to, but deep down, I do want to be here because the state of Travian is terrible.

    Tell me - when was the last time you saw a WWK so strong, so powerful, that the best defenses couldn't even defend it?

    Tell me, again, when was the last time the true, honorable Travian members were successful in their server without needing to cheat?

    I ask - when was the last time, that our walls were so great, that not even Roman fire catapults could get through? We can't even have strong walls to stop them from coming into our villages. Now our walls are so weak, that people are flooding across the borders and into our villages. They bring in crime, they bring in drugs, and they bring in farm poachers. Some, I assume, are good people.

    Our lands are filled with bots. They are filled with cheaters draining the system from our good people. Our alliance leaders just don't know what they are doing. Politicians are all talk, no action. Nothing is going to get done. They are not leading us to victory. We are not using our best anymore, folks, we just are not using our best. It's sad to see folks, its truly sad to see.

    We just don't win anymore. We lose to Natars, we lose to bots, and we lose to cheaters. But no more folks, its not going to happen. Believe me. So, this is what brings me here today...

    That is why I am here today, to not only grace you with my presence, but to announce my alliance's campaign to win this server. We're going to be tough, we are going to be strong, we are going to be smart, but most of all, we are going to win. We are going to win fair and we are going to win bigly. We are going to win so much, that our members are going to beg me, they are going to say "Donald, please, we can't take this anymore Donald! We can't take all this winning!" But look, I am going to say to them - I am going to say - "Get used to winning, folks. We are not done winning. We are going to fight, we are going to be the best, and we are going to continue to WIN, WIN, and WIN!"

    You see the server is already becoming established, and established terribly. The Fake News media won't tell you this, but the alliances being formed are a mess. Alliances are setting requirements, then not fulfilling them. They post troop requirement numbers that not even their leaders are meeting or able to achieve. We will achieve those numbers, but everyone knows they won't. They won't, they just won't. You have this one alliance, and everyone knows who I am talking about, but they go and they form a confederacy on the second day of the server. The second day folks! But the fake news media will tell you that their alliance leaders know what they are doing. They don't know what they are doing folks, don't listen to the media. I am telling you the truth here.

    You have another top alliance, again, everyone knows who I am talking about, that will add anyone with a pulse. They say *waving hands around* "Actually, Mr. Donald, we are very particular in all the people we accept and bring in." Ridiculous folks, absolutely ridiculous. They simply just don't know what they are doing. They are so delusional in what they are doing, they don't even realize how bad they are. You look at the rankings of top players and you have to scroll all the way to the bottom to even see a member of their alliance. Pathetic folks, just pathetic. Not gonna happen with me folks, not gonna happen with me.

    You see the auctions. You see the terrible trade deals going on and the stupid, incompetent people willing to pay so much for so little. This is who we have leading the charge, folks - can you believe it? Paying over 50k silver to heal heroes. I am in the top ranking of heroes, yet have not bought a single item from the auction. You get that from being smart. You need a leader like that, folks, we truly need a leader like me. Someone who wrote The Art of the Raid. These people are not being smart. That reminds me - you have this guy, (who, I remind you, totally doesn't know what he is doing) sit at under 100 population for three days. Three days, folks, three days! I hope he enjoys his pretty medals before he is shown on everyone else's inactive search. Ridiculous folks, just ridiculous. We can't have this anymore, we cannot keep losing and make stupid decisions like this.

    I am letting everyone know this now, folks. All of the media and political hacks are going to tell you "DoNaLd'S aLlIaNcE hAs No ChAnCe Of WiNnInG". I tell you what folks, just like my historical campaign election (where we didn't get 270 votes, but rather 304), we are going to win and we are going to blow everyone away. It has been just a few days, but you can tell we are doing great things. While we are close to settling our second villages, the other alliance leaders are aiming at adding even more members below 100 population and soon to be farms. Watch folks, you are going to see it happen. Its going to happen, and its going to happen fast. I keep saying it, so I will say it again - they don't know what they are doing.

    I have to say it again, I have to say it twice because the Fake News Media isn't going to tell you this - but the Travian country is tired of us losing. They are tired of these clueless leaders, the unfair resource trade deals, the idiocy of auction purchases, and most of all, the weak armies. I tell you what, folks - I love our military. I love our military so much. WE love our armies. We are going to continue to create the biggest armies, the best armies. The numbers show it folks, the numbers show it. And with BP ending tomorrow, everyone will see it come true.

    The pundits will tell you "the alliance is too small, the alliance lacks numbers." Well, guess what folks - we are not like other alliances. We diligently choose the members of our alliance, the best members. We only choose the best. Unlike the other alliances "Sure! Join us! Reap the benefits, take from the system, hide under our wings!" They think member amounts win. They don't folks, they just don't. We are looking forward to the smaller accounts begging for defense when their leaders are too incompetent to defend the heavy, strong, powerful attacks that are to come their way.

    We are not going to lose this, folks. We can't lose this. Our team knows this our Travian's lost shot. This is our last shot at restoring our great Travian country and get back to winning again. You don't see it anymore, but we are going to make everyone see it, once again, folks, once again.

    Ladies and gentlemen, I am officially running for President of the United States of Travian - and we are going to MAKE OUR TRAVIAN GREAT AGAIN!

    We invited everyone to join a server wide discord chat for Anglosphere 8 - https://discord.gg/YEJt4M (because who uses Skype? The incompetent alliances, that's who)

  • Definitely not a team that has 2 wings on day 4. :thumbup:

    I think it's pretty safe to say that any 2 wing ally this point is most likely down to the embassy not being high enough. Given its a costly building to do if you want to settle fast.

  • I think it's pretty safe to say that any 2 wing ally this point is most likely down to the embassy not being high enough. Given its a costly building to do if you want to settle fast.

    Must be some softies who can't wait to get quality members to fill their ranks.

  • I think it's pretty safe to say that any 2 wing ally this point is most likely down to the embassy not being high enough. Given its a costly building to do if you want to settle fast.

    I think it's pretty safe to say that the reason for a 2 wing ally at this point is most likely down to recruiting as much as possible. Given that is the typical protocol of an alliance that gains strength through quantity rather than quality.

    The Trinity - us2
    The Revenant - us4

    I totally hear your validity and agree with your assessment.