Veteran player looking to get back in the action

  • Hi, I've been playing travian for more than 10 years and I'm back after my latest break. I have a few people lined up already so numbers are probably not an issue.

    What I expect from you

    - Basic English.

    - Skype or Discord.

    - Will to log in (few duals in the past couldnt log in the whole server).

    - Some gold contribution if possible.

    About Me

    - Highly experienced.

    - Very good at building up accounts through raiding/simming.

    - Have high expectations usually so might get mad if you kill 2 troops by accident.

    If you aren't that experienced it's not an issue, me and my friend are very good at telling you what to do.

    If you are experienced, you will have an equal say in account decisions of course.

    Discord : willywanka#7395

    Skype : taha.ahmed347

    Add any, preferably discord.