Tournament Finals - Statement


    Dear Tournament players,

    we know the current situation with the Tournament game world is very frustating for all of you, and also for us.

    Today we have met the representatives of the major alliances / meta of the Tournament Finals and we have had a long discussion with them on how to proceed with the Tournament Finals. We have come to the conclusion that there are only 2 ways we can proceed.

    This 2 ways are a rollback to a certain moment before the spawn of Buildings Plans (a lot of details still need to be discussed about this proposal) or closing the server and declare it has no winners.

    You might want to know, if - with another rollback - the so-called "starvation bug" will be fixed or not.

    The answer is NO! - As we explained in details to your leaders, the so-called "starvation bug" is not a bug per-se, but a systemic weakness, players can abuse. What we can do is to implement other, not so popular, restrictions on the gameplay, to increase the chance of avoiding the bug (i.e. "all attacks/raids on Artefact and WW villages with lower than 10k units will fail automatically).

    Our developers were able to determine this systemic weakness, but it's not something we can fix within hours or a day. We have no other choice than to rework ALL connected systems. They are already working on it, but this will take weeks!

    What does this mean? A fully working system can be guaranteed only for the next Tournament round, but not for this Finals round.

    Together with the main alliances representatives we have then decided to activate for the moment "no starvation" mode on the server. So it doesn't really matter what you do now, either way, things you do now, won't matter next week.

    On Monday, we will realign with part of the team who are not available in this exact moment and we will come up with a final statement on how we have decided to proceed, what will be the consequences and all the details.

    We know you have a lot of questions at the moment, but we do not have all the answers yet, so please be patient.

    We are really sorry for the current situation and we are trying our best to find a solution together with your leaders which will make the best outcome out of a not so great situation.

    We will update you as soon as possible, thanks for your understanding.

    Your Travian: Legends team


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