Team meeting 1 Mars

  • Saf posted a copy about what it was saying during the meeting

    she didnt give her personal idea about what it should be done

    There was no mention of neither of these 3 points before this post in the whole chat posted, with the exception of ''potential'' rollback to 22.-23. Feb afterwards. I've re-read it again just to be sure.

    Just don't see where I can get info that this was said during meeting, but if it were, I apologize in advance.

    That being said...

    There can be a poll where you login with your TT account or enter your TT key to submit your vote, making the votes submitted solely by the players of the tournament, rather than just anyone lurking on the forum and reading such posts.

  • And sorry caramidar, but i didnt answer to you, but to Wolkenengel :) it wasnt clear in my post to who i answered, right, i should have mention his post

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  • @Wolkenengel 

    You think it don't take time to be reporter? But tbh qualification takes more time than Final. Only one server - feels as vacation =)

    I'm not alone to not spend gold on this server and even if I have done on earlier rounds it doesn´t matter now.

    Why shouldn't I be entitled to have an opinion? I didn't say many words on the meeting. I'm sorry if you wasn't invited to the meeting but we had to limit the participants. From beginning TG only wanted 1 from every meta, we ended up around 20.

    You all have your chance to express your opinion in this thread.

  • Reporting takes time, but you can do it whenever you like.

    Supplying def, crop and planning troop movement however is no a thing we do whenever we want, but when we have to.

    If you actually play finals, okay you can suggest things np, but you're mostly a spectator that just writes down observations....

    Your "job" stays the same and isn't influenced by rollback, unlike those of us who invest time and money playing.

    We have to re-plan everything... or do you still not understand?

  • [attach= '83831', 'none', 'false'] [/attach]

    Не было никакого упоминания ни об одном из этих 3 пунктов до этого поста во всем опубликованном чате, за исключением" потенциального " отката до 22.-23. Февраль после этого. Я перечитал его снова, чтобы быть уверенным.

    Просто не вижу, где я могу получить информацию, что это было сказано во время встречи, но если это так, я заранее извиняюсь.

    That's right, none of the leaders offered to roll back for time before the appearance of the scrolls, it did Safiren

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  • That's right, none of the leaders offered to roll back for time before the appearance of the scrolls, it did Safiren

    I haven't said anything about 22 feb in the copy from the meeting above. In the original text I once did a summary to keep discussion ongoing but I didn't include it in text because leaders opinions was more important. But here it is:

    1. Rollback to 22.2 would solve the problems of sent WWKs

    2. limit amount of troops sent per attack to minimum 50000

    3 send email to all players with a voucher 500 gold.

    Which seemed to include most of what was discussed. I admit I took numbers out of air because details haden't been discussed yet but after that more proposals was done but as Martina said compensation could not be discussed before a decision was taken about how to continue on Monday so I excluded most of those posts. I only kept a few to show that TG is willing to discuss compensation.

    I added this
    (The answers was yes)
    when leaders have agreed to the statement which I didn't copy because it already was posted on forum and link in infoboxes ingame.

  • It is a problem with polls. It will never be representative for all players. The angry ones that wants to close the server will be more engaged to vote and most of the ordinary players will never heard of the poll because they don't read forum/are not active in chats. Those will also be the biggest part of the players on the server and it is very truly that those also is the ones that wants to continue.

    In best case 10-20% of the players will vote.

    Polls will always be representative for people who are conscious enough to vote. I don't know why you are categorizing people, maybe because you don't like what they think but every group (in my opinion they are as you say "angry ones", people who are already in apathy and doesn't care anymore and the ones who don't know what is happening, I doubt there are any "happy ones") matters, at least if you don't think that "enemies of the state (game)" should not be allowed to vote. But since TG requested to talk directly to the leaders and they voted upon TG request, I hope they will respect their voting results and do one of the rare things nowadays in this game - care about their customer's opinion, otherwise it will be just another spit in the face.

    Another point, which nobody mentioned and bothers me a lot is that you guys are talking about WWk's, gold, deff, crop whatever, but what about a real life time which will be spent again for this game? Do you really want to spend additional 10+ minimum days (due to never ending rollbacks) + WW building time for this game? Personally, I don't and I won't. I have already arranged plans after possible server ending time and I won't change it. Yes, one can argue, that it's only game, but when a game actually starts taking not only your free time, then it becomes like a part-time job or something like that. So I think time aspect is important too.

    Once again, I really hope TG will come with the decision which will represent this company's long term vision, since this game is built mostly on their loyal customers base, which are playing server by server and putting big money in TG pockets. And I am afraid in they will not deliver tomorrow, a lot of people will just quit and never look back at this game again.

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  • Did any of the leaders conduct a general survey of their players, what do they want? or how in the same chat someone will offer something, then this is carried out in the form of a general offer?

    many have learned about this dialogue almost at the end.

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  • I am not sure if everyone realizes, that gold is free for TG. Some may say they will sell less gold because of that, but at the same time it will motivate some people to play and spend even more money.

    Win, win for TG. We lose no matter what. :)


  • Just close the server please. It's already ruined and rollback won't make it better. Part of players will delete anyway and what will be left of server will be very weak.

    I want my time back please.

  • Just close the server please. It's already ruined and rollback won't make it better. Part of players will delete anyway and what will be left of server will be very weak.

    I want my time back please.

    Server can not be closed by majority, must be unanimity in the decision of all ww builders ,if some want to play to win,like Ru team,i don t see how they can close the server ,if you want to thank for that to somebody ,thank Ru team

  • What about unanimity to keep playing ?

    Just close it.

    Unanimity to play what ? These final is broken for IM and Dacia ,the italians if they remain must attack 2 ww ,am a huge deff of the ru team ,and for them has no sense to play.all the cards are on the table

  • will it restart under no starvation?

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