The Ultimate Battle – Episode 2 – On the edge

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  • Dear players!

    Shadow fell on the edge and that means that there is time for another story! Solve the riddle and help the hero to find the way out!


    The Ultimate Battle – Episode 2 – On the edge

    Whoever wrote that note about doors was a bloody joker! If this is the safe path, then I am the Roman Emperor! Arghhh!

    My old father had always told me that dying of old age is not part of my life story and that I remind him of my mother’s grandfather, Mark Atilius, from whom – my father believed - I inherited my passion for adventure and ability to end up in risky situations (in fact, he used rather different expressions, but since I am planning to show those notes to my little sister, I wouldn't dare to write them here). And for quite some time, when I was scared to find some broken bones, I was totally agreeing with him!

    Alright, the good news is – my bones seem to be OK, unlike my self-esteem as well as my knees and palms. I found myself on the hairbreadth of disaster. Only a few centimeters to the left and no one would ever find me here. Let alone alive.

    Now, a few words about the place where I was in. It’s a dark, rather big and deadly cold basement and the only light here was through the small window above the hole 3 meters above, through which I fell in here. The door was closed and I somehow was sure that the bookshelf is in its usual place and that means no one would even look for me here. If I had fallen just a bit further from the wall I would have ended up in a ditch that seemed quite deep. At least I couldn't see the ground. I found a small stone and dropped it into abyss. A couple of seconds felt like an eternity, then I heard a weak sound. That meant the way down was not going to be an option.

    Nearby there were 2 long logs in which I recognized something that – probably a hundred years ago – used to be a ladder. Unfortunately, the rungs were broken, and even if I somehow climbed up there using one of those, I wouldn't be able to open the door balancing on that stilt. So, the way up is out of the question, too.

    I sat on the edge of the ditch and peered into the darkness. As my eyes got used to the light, I saw something that looked like the door. Ha! There is another way out! All I need to find out is how I can get there alive.


    The ditch around the door is 3 meters wide. Both logs are exactly the same length. Help the hero to get to the exit door.

    General contest information:

    Start date/time:

    March 05, 2019 – 09:00 (UTC+0)

    End date/time:

    March 11, 2019 – 09:00 (UTC+0)

    Winners announced on:

    March 12, 2019

    Winners chosen:

    Six random winners from among all the correct answers


    50 Gold x 6 winners

    Gold voucher valid only in:

    COM community

    Gold voucher valid until:

    December 31, 2020

    To be eligible to win, you need to:

    State your nickname and server played when giving the answer to the riddle


    Members of the Travian Team works on a voluntary basis and are therefore not available 24 hours a day.

  • Place one log in the top-right corner so that it juts out far enough from the corner. Place the second log on top of the first log at a perpendicular angle so that one end lies on the first log and the other end lies on the block where the exit is. Voila.


  • Name: chocobo


    Place one log diagonally across the ditch corner. Then place another log on the first log in direction of exit.

  • Use the corners. Pick the north east corner and place the log diagonally in the corner, such that one side of the log lies on the north edge, and the other side of the log lies on the east edge. Then place the other log starting from the middle of the first log to the platform in front of the door. Now you can safely walk across.

    Server: TS6

    Nickname: Johnson

  • Aramis


    you put one bar on the edges of an outside corner and the second bar from the first bar to the exit.

    Before 2017 being part of (NL domain): Triple Entente, GR, Cono, Cuni, Botsers, Veto and a lot more I don't remember anymore.

    2018 TR Qualification: Aramis - Bob (Leader)
    2018-2019 Finals: Black Pearl - TFD (Uollas meta) (Leader)

    2019-2020 Finals: Black Pearl - Lowlands (Uollas meta) (Leader)
    2020 Comx: Black pearl - NewOrder (Leader)
    2020 EU Qualification: Undutchable - NewOrder (Leader)
    2020-2021 Finals: Gata & Gato - Flakes (Uollas meta) (Leader)

    NL legend 2018

  • First bridge one of the two corners (no matter which one) with one of the logs, to get closer to the center. Then from the center of that bridge, the distance to the exit is less than 3m (around 2.75m) so you can reach the exit by placing the second log perpendicular there. Approximate sketch where the two logs intersect at 90 degrees:

    Source Code
     –––+       -–-+      -–-+
        |        \ |       \ |
        |         \|       /\|
    X   |  =>  X   |  =>  X  |
        |          |         |
        |          |         |
     –––+       --–+      --–+

    nembo / com6

  • Nick: Grigori

    Arrange the logs in "T" form and fix them with one edge touching the exit and two touching the corners.

  • Johann


    put the first log over the corner to form a triangle

    The second log will then reach the exit if placed on the middle of the first log and the corner of the exit

  • first log across the two sides of ditch in angle 45degrees (edges of log maximum 2.12m from the corner of ditch)

    Then hero carries other log to the middle and from there it is only 2.74m to the landing near exit gate. Since the log is 3m long (which is longer than the gap of 2.74m) he can place it without falling to ditch. Then moves to the exit door



  • Funny riddle, here's how I figured it:

    The way it seems to happen is using them both in perpendicular way in one of the corners of the ditch, making a diagonal. Like the image below:


    So, easy pictured, but how to reach this point?

    In order to not walk into wrong paths and simply ending up trapped forever, some previous calculations are needed. How far and how close must the edges of the first log can be, in order to establish that connection? First of all I will identify the sizes in need of measuring. They are:



    - Whites have the same measure;

    - Orange is half of Yellow;

    The key here are the whites. Establishing the limits, I started by the smaller limit.

    So, as we know, that square is 3m x 3m. That makes diagonal measuring √18 (I will use exact values until the end, in order to achieve exact results, and not rounded up). Green must be bigger than √(18) - 3. Having these calculations, trigonometry gets in action and White is 6-3√2, or 1,76. This is the smaller limit: 1,76.

    After it, let's get to the bigger limit.

    The bigger limit can be achieved when we assume that Yellow cannot be bigger or equal than 3 meters. Otherwise, he would fall. Pythagoras comes in again and turns this into 32= x2+x2, and x = 3/√2, or 2,12.

    So, finally, we have them limits, 1,76 < White < 2,12. It means it can be chosen any size between these two values. Surprise surprise, let's choose 2.

    Still, there is one last question: How to find the half of the log? And, moreover, how to measure 2 meters?

    Well, I guess that I don't have any mathematical answer to that. Instead, if you put the two logs side by side, and slide one of them until they become three equal parts of 1,5 meters. Pick up a small stone (there must be some left), and mark the first log you will need. And how about 2 meters? Do as the image says:


    Mark the second log, put it on the White lines, and he has the measures. Unless he is cross-eyed, he shall mark it correctly, and still can miss it by some centimeters. Set them up, and he is free to leave.

    Nick: TSHOK

    Server: Comx

  • Nickname: Biff

    Server: Com1

    Answer: Place one log across either of the corners of the ditch at 45 degrees to the edges as far as it can be placed safely then place the second log from the middle of the first at 90 degrees out to the corner of the platform where the exit is. Carefully cross over to the door and exit!

  • Put one log diagonally along 2 sides at one corner of the pit. Then put the other log connecting this log and the edge of the exit.

    bhagi in

  • The way to place the logs to create a path that allows the hero to access the exit door is shown below.

    To show that this is possible, the calculations below are performed. Assuming that each log needs at least 8 cm from each side to be fixed steadily between two edges, we can easily find the length "x" in the figure below. In this case, the length "w" should be equal or less than the length "x", which turns out to be true.

    Name : Munzer

    Server : PTR X3 (